How does offline marketing/web design work in bad economy?

by judoka
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Hello- Old member of WF coming back after many years. Looking to possibly start up an offline marketing/web design biz but concerned about current state of economy and possibility of further economic downturn.

For those in this business, does the fact that most companies cut their marketing budgets first (or at least that is the conventional wisdom) make it a bad time to start such a business?

Does this business take a huge hit in an economic downturn?

Hoping the answer is no but want to go in with both eyes open so to speak.
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    Welcome back. I have been doing offline marketing now for 15 years with client all over the world. On a personal note I live in Canada and we have been fortunate to not have gone through the sky is falling. The Canadian version of tough times seems to be you don't have a second car so I think we are not that emotionally conditioned to believe in the whole scarcity thing. When the economy tanked in the US even though there was groaning here it was pretty much business as usual.

    In regards to your question 99% of my clients have always been in the USA and within the past few years in the UK as well. Not even once in 15 years have I had any difficulty getting clients or making money from this business. There are always companies and individuals making money and happy to pay if you offer something that they want. Maybe I just continued to market to them even through tough times because as I said I did not wake up daily in Canada thinking the poop had hit the fan but by simply plodding on the sales still kept happening.

    Here is something even more interesting. My wife makes absurdly expensive collectable custom dolls and sells them around the world. She has been at that for 15 years. We constantly hear how everyone is broke and there is no money and yet she never has any issue selling what she can make and generally has more commission requests than she can handle.

    Until there are bread lines on every street corner just concern yourself with finding a niche that you can offer value and go for it. For me tough times just weeds out the offers that never had much value.
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    Economy crap... always crap. If there is a demand that needs to be met, then you can bet there is going to be someone to supply it.

    Just a few years ago the web design market was wide open... now there are 5-7 companies in every city, even in those with 15-20K population. There is a lot of money being spent on websites alone, not including hosting, seo, other online services. Starting out now, is not the same as starting 2 years ago. If you want to get in it, then you better be prepared to push the limits of yourself, and drop any comfort zone you have, because it is becoming one of the most competitive industries out there.
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      Biz owners don't care about "Websites, SEO, Google, YouTube, Ranking etc"! They ONLY care about ONE thing......... "LEADS"...."NEW CUSTOMERS/CLIENTS/PATIENTS"!

      They don't care how you get them.....that's YOUR job.

      Ryan McKinney has a great WSO (Offline Legion) that shows how to send Phone Call "Leads" to chosen biz...then, after you see some calls come in, you phone the biz and announce that it was YOU who caused the Leads and, if they'd like to continue receiving Leads, it will cost $X.

      Gene Pimental also has a WSO (Local Domain Empire) that combines ready-made Websites with video.

      No "wondering IF" you can bring in are ALREADY bringing them in. The only question is; Will they Pay Your Fee! If they won't, one of their competitors will!

      Don Alm
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      Plus my fellow Americans are the worst financially sound people on the planet.Americans do stuff like take their rent money(which was already 2 weeks late)and go buy Jordans,take his girl out and get a tatoo lol.I wouldnt have it any other way,because since I prepare and save,it puts me a step ahead of 60 % of the country.

      edward evans

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  • As a regular warrior forum member I can only offer an opinion about your thread. I believe there is nothing like starting "any endeavor" right now. There is no better time, for regardless of what befalls you it will allow the necessary learning tools for your ultimate success.

    The state of the economy is of no regard to the truly successful businessman. You will discover how to offer enough value to be perceived as a business worthy of profit. Good luck.

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      Thanks for the pep talk gentlemen! Just what I needed.

      Looking forward to being back on the forum.
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    There are many businesses doing well right now...those are the ones you want to work with. Definitely don't think it's time to pack it in.

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    • read some research last year (sorry I can't reference it from memory)

      but biz's focused on growing, spend money.
      biz's doing well in bad economies spend money.

      besides, your 1 of the best so tell people that.
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    I'll add my vote of approval to what Don said.

    It's a great time to get into offline marketing if you can actually produce leads, clients and customers for small business owners.

    For anybody trying to get into this game now, you better be able to do that because just as iAmNameLess said, the "rank #1 on google" and "make pretty websites" is crazy competitive right now.

    Of course, if you work your butt of it's still possible to make seo and web design work, but it's much harder to sell those things as a front-end service these days. However, it's a goldmine when you are selling them on the back-end of a lead gen service.

    In other words, after you've been selling leads to a business owner for a while, you then offer to also improve what they're already doing (or not doing) so they can get more leads, customers, clients etc.

    So, if you know how to setup and scale consistent lead gen systems (craigslist ads, facebook ads, adwords, display ads etc.) that get leads leads, customers, patients etc. for potential clients, then you'll do fine.

    Otherwise, it's a terrible time to get into offline marketing.

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    As was drilled into my head when I interviewed Perry Marshall...

    Perspective is the only reality so make your own.

    You need to cater to the wealthy minority and disregard the mass hysterical majority.

    80/20 is the only way to effectively grow your business, live your life, pay your bills, invest, etc.

    Obviously easier to say than to live, however, as some have already stated...its infinitely easier to look for and find those with money and needs of what you provide.

    Look for them, cater to them...offer to them.

    Hope that was helpful and best of luck.


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    Unless the world breaks down into total collapse there will always be a need for businesses to spread the word about their product/services. I offer different price points for those who have specific budgets, but don't try to cater to anyone who doesn't have realistic expectations.
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