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I need suggestions by the following topic:
I plan to start a business as foot masseur. Usually the people if they want such service they go to the massage shop to use their service.
I thought not open a massage shop, I thought to advertise that I go personally their home who request such service.
What do you think? Can work this way?
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    I think security minded females would rather go to a shop. I wouldn't invite someone saying he does "personal" in home foot massages into my home. In addition, going out and getting a pedicure is a treat and involves more than a massage. I'd rather get a pedicure any day ... and again, unless you're an invalid, going out and getting hair/nails/feet done is a treat.
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      Is there a big enough market need for such a service? It would be a great
      service to highlight if you did other 'feet services' as well, but as a sole service?

      The traveling thing will not work (for the reason mentioned above).
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    I agree with the other 2 responses. People will not be keen to invite someone into their homes. I also question how many people just want a foot massage. In Canada even full service massage therapists find the competition fierce and income not what they expected so I find it hard to imagine such a small niche to be able to support you financially.

    If you are not sure why not approach some successful full service massage shops and see if there is a need for your service part time so you can gauge the market.
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  • I think you can still offer going to their home as a service reserved to clients you know and trust for a long time. Or in situations where the customers/women would be protected and feel safe like during having a "spa" party during baby showers or bachelorette parties.

    And if you offer foot massages, i think it would be great if you could also offer other foot services like pedicures, foot spa, callus removal, etc.
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    Originally Posted by Martin1977 View Post

    I plan to start a business as foot masseur. Why????

    Usually the people, if they want such service they go to the massage shop to use their service. No one goes to foot massage shops, you sure you are in Scotland?
    My bafflement is in red.

    Hair and/ or nails being done is simple and a huge business. Always lots of clients. Stick an Ad in the paper for these and the phone will ring.

    Although it is women who phone and they are expecting a woman to answer. Really it is SERVICE + GOSSIP they want.

    You would be on a losing streak even if you offered hair and/ or nails being a man.

    Have you been on holiday in Thailand and seen all of those tourists getting their feet massaged and thought bingo, open season in Edinburgh no one does this there? (For a good reason)

    Anyway, go round Niddrie and Craigmillar etc and let us know how many teeth you still have left after knocking on doors offering this service.

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    Learn Reflexology ( Commonly referred to as "Foot Zoning") Where you effect, or balance or reset each of your bodies systems, through pressure points on the feet. Basically it helps get your body clicking on all cylinders. I've been suffering from Menier's disease ( it causes deafness and extreme episodes of vertigo) and ever since I've been having regular zoning sessions ( she also uses "Essential Oils"), these last couple months I've been having longer chunks of time ( days on end) where I don't get any dizziness, even mild attacks. I haven't felt this good in a long time.

    My wife and I have been talking about her to everyone, and so had her other handful of clients...and in a very short time she has collected a dozen more clients.

    So to me this is very much a thing that word of mouth, and published testimonials will carry your marketing efforts, especially where there is the potential for a significant ( noticeable) health related addition to having your feet and muscles feel good.
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    take your foot specialty to existing massage clinics, nail salons, hair salons, high end shoe stores so they can offer it to their clients. Do this for several of them but try and have each place schedule you for an entire day so you aren't driving back and forth. I'd also try to market to retail stores to give their employees a reward. Target businesses that have employees on their feet all day. Retail to manufacturing. This business has a big ceiling because you are trading your time for money. Time is limited and not scalable, unless you can hire/train/place other foot specialists.

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