Ugly Marketing and then Lumpy Mail

by BBQman
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I'm not a marketing consultant but I will share this story.

A few years ago I was a manager at a skating rink and I appointed myself as the marketing person because nobody else had a clue. You'll see how this ties together.

So, I was listen to a morning radio show one day, and the host said he needed some marketing people for his brand and to come down to the station that day for interviews.

I had some time before I had to go down, so I grabbed my neon yellow poster board and my sharpie and wrote my contact information on it(Ugly neon yellow sign), folded it up and stick it in my pocket.

I drive to the station and get directed to the conference room, there was about 5 other people in there waiting as well.

This was an open interview, and the host starts going around the table asking questions.

Out of the 5 people, 3 people disqualified themselves because they didn't have atleast a business card. The one lady had her resume with a college degree and I don't remember qualifications of what the others where.

Then he gets to me, I answer his questions the best I know how and asks me if I had a card. I'm grinning and reach into my pocket and pull out my neatly folded neon yellow sign. I unfold it and hand it to him - you should have seen the people faces in the room...they were priceless.

He laughs and says, "I like that", we chat for a minute and then he tells me that one of his co-hosts sent him messages written on colored construction paper almost daily to get the co-host job.

We wrap it up and then I leave.

About a week goes by, and I send him an old brown rental skate(lumpy mail). I wait about a day or two, call him at the station and ask if he got the skate.

He laughed and said yes.....WAIT FOR IT....He said it's sitting on his desk!

A few days later, he calls the skating rink wanting to come down to check it out because he was interested in doing a promotion or JV or something. The rink demographics matched his target audience.

Long story short, he came down, I showed him around and then a few days he got fired from the station.

End of story

I'm sure the other people in the room were more qualified than me, but I positioned myself as a player, and not the run of the mill "marketing person".

Hope this helps ya!
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