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I have been given a job to generate leads from local businesses. My job is to obtain by any means possible(without assaulting anyone), the last two credit card processing statements of the business. The team above me then takes the statements and provides a free quote directly over the phone to the customer. If they close the deal I get a %.

Here is my current situation. I have a good selling product in over 500 convenient stores in Texas. I personally opened 90% of these stores my self and build rapport with the business owners the last 4 years.(scarcely)

Ok so back to ideas on how to get these statements. I was thinking of offering free LED lighting for convenient store window displays in exchange for their last two merchant account statements.(two pieces of paper = mega awesome lighting) The lighting is very attractive and attention grabbing from near by roads.(remote control with lighting modes and colors) Also very cheap like a dollar or two a foot(wholesale). I've seen other c-stores use them, i'm sure they'll love them, especially free. Maybe i'll pressure wash their curbs too lol, whatever it takes man.

Quantitative easing option to avoid travel and direct response would be to hire Indian telemarketers as lead generators. 95% of my store list are Indian owned. Good people by the way. This one sounds like a good synch but still not sure yet.

Other option is to just go for the close? These merchant services are really the lowest in the industry and i'm sure I can help them. Maybe I just want these docs handed to me with ease, when I should just go straight for the close. (i know most ppl will preach about this one, not my top option) Any advise or ideas is always appreciated.
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    Just tell them you might be able to save them a ton of money if they can photo copy their last two statements. Use some real examples of what a few other people saved.
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      plessard - no offense, but thats the same pitch 99.9% of the tens of thousands of guys who sell merchant processing use...

      OP - Maybe you should scare them into doing business with you. Fear and greed are man's primary motivators.

      You can be really creative without spending a ton of money. You can do voice broadcasting...

      "...Chambers of commerce recently conducted a study. They found that 95% of business owners are being overcharged. In 2013 (your area) business owners lost ($X). Times are tough and as you know every penny counts, so would you like to see if these guys have been ripping you off? If so, I can help you get your money back..."

      The idea here is to GET THEM TO CALL YOU BACK. When they call you back. So if you do voice broadcasting, I'd make the original message; "so sorry, wrong number" then hang up. Then I'd leave a voice message like the one you saw above.
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