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I was sitting here typing out a breakdown of the first
of seven daily money-making activities and I realized
that I made an assumption the other day.

The assumption I made is that you already know that
you first need...

1. A targeted list of prospects to contact and...

2. A irresistible offer to entice them to say yes.

And you know what they say about assuming things,
so let me quickly cover those two key things now.

The first important thing is your list of prospects that
you're contacting. Without a list of targeted prospects,
your efforts are less effective.

(Aka you make less money or you make no money.)

But, you don't need to run out and get an expensive
list from a list broker that gives you every little detail
of your prospects life.

It can be as simple as creating a list of non-chain
restaurants in your town, county or state that don't
have mobile websites.

Generally speaking, here are your list building options.

Option #1: Buy a list of business owners in a specific
niche or a big list of business owners in every niche.

Option #2: Manually scrape a general list of business
owners from yellow pages, manta, google places etc.

Option #3: Use some type of software to scrape a list
of business owners who have some type of qualifying
criteria. ie. no mobile website, no website, no fb fanpage etc.

Don't pull a brain muscle. Just use a software you already own
and compile your list of 500-1000 prospects to target.

Next and just as important (maybe even more) is your
irresistible offer.

See, none of the seven daily activities I shared with
you on Friday will amount to a hill of beans if you're
not making a irresistible offer to the right prospect.

And if you can't create a irresistible offer that resonates
with your target market, then you're screwed.

Yes, it's that important.

See, like I said the other day, the number one problem
that I see struggling consultants having is that they
don't do daily activities that result in sales conversations.

However, what I didn't add was that the number two
problem is coming up with a truly irresistible offer that
business owners really want to buy.

In a nutshell, if you don't have a irresistible offer, then
you don't have anything.

And since you're a marketing consultant, your irresistible
offer should involve three things:

1. A service that business owners are willing, ready
and able to pay you to do for them.

2. You offering to actually get leads, clients or customers
for your offline clients.

3. A money back or a "keep working at no additional
cost until I get you the promised result" guarantee.

I realize that there some coaches in our industry that
claim that you don't need to focus on helping your
clients make more sales or get more leads.

Ignore that nonsense.

You're a marketing consultant, not a life coach. Get your
clients more leads, customers and clients or pack it up
and call it a day.

When you're big and have dozens or hundreds of clients,
then you can think about playing that game, but for now
everything you do should get your clients more leads,
customers, clients or patients.

End of discussion.

So, in short the three step process is this:

Step 1: Compile, buy or scrape a list of targeted business
owners to contact.

Step 2: Create a irresistible offer to test out.

Step 3: Pick one daily money-making activity and start
doing it every day.

Okay, now for the second time in a row, I've spent all
of my time and haven't gotten into the break down of
the first strategy.

That ends tomorrow.

See you at the top,


P.S. Tomorrow, I'll put together an example of a irresistible offer to
use in each of our seven daily activities examples, so that
you see exactly what I mean when I say irresistible.
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    Chris, I think you are spreading a virus around here...
    by calling Warriors consultants.

    I'd venture there would be very few who get paid for their

    Giving it out free which leads to a paid service
    doesn't count because that part isn't paid for

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  • Here is a thought to ad to your suggestions Chris. Call up some of those businesses and instead of trying to find an irresistible offer just ASK them how business is going and if they say great....
    Maybe you could ASK for 1 or 2 quick things.

    1. If there were something that you would like to see change in your business(assuming you know enough to talk to owner/decision maker) What would it be? Maybe I can help.

    2. Im really happy to hear that your business is going so well. Do you know of a business that is struggling that could use my help?
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    I just started charging for a 5 hour consultancy session, my irresistible offer is the if they don't make an improved ROI on the previous month that can attributed directly to my advice then I'll give them their money back + £100 (straight from Tim Ferris).

    The session itself is basically me asking them a simple set of marketing questions and pissing around on a whiteboard, improving their processes.

    The only problems occur when they don't follow through with the plans we agree to, so a lot of the time my team end up implementing for them, for which I charge them handsomely (again).

    Join my private strategy group on Facebook or find out how I made £2000 recurring in 2 weeks.

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