Front End, Back End and Your End and The Most Unsexy Part

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Me, Ben Settle, Doberman Dan and John Mcintyre the auto responder guy jammed out on my podcast so far (which you can check out in my signature below).

We talked about a lot anywhere from email marketing all the way to the in's and outs of business and two things that we discussed is what I wanted to talk about real quick tonight. You See...

One of the most unsexiest parts in copy, marketing and business is the research. When you've really dove into your market deep...then you are way ahead of the game. You should still research product, service, competition etc...

But the most important part is the market. The true deeps desires, fears, hopes and dreams. If you really do the research and know the language of the market, the copy can practically write itself.

The other thing we talked about that I am sharing real quick is one of the most overlooked profit ends in business...

The Back End. Most business owners are worried about the one shot customer or deal and then move on to the next, when if you think about it...

You spent all the money, time and effort to generate that customer why not sell additional products/services to that customer since they already know , like and trust you.

Continue to market for new leads and customers, but continue to nurture and grow your current list and customer transactions as well.

The back end is the easiest way to make additional money if have current customers whether it's on the quick upsell or the on going communication. Plus, in episode 2 with Dan I even share a free way to get your 2nd sales message sent to current customers for free and it's guaranteed to get read.

Either way, if you dig deep and continue to provide value to current and future customers, you'll be way ahead of the game.
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