Birds, Beer, Fights and an Idea Morphs Into Millions

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It's freezing here in the midwest so to heat things up...

Thought we could dive into a profitable fun fact that you may not be aware of.

You may even get the urge to go ahead and crack a cold one after this. You See...

I'm sure you heard of the Guinness Book of World Records, right? The books been around forever and the tv show is even on now.

Well, did you know that book was actually related to Guinness Beer?

That's Right, The Worlds Records Book Was Started By a Beer Company.

How did this come about? Glad you asked because that's what I was about to share with you this morning.

Here's how it supposedly went down...

A man by the name of Sir Hugh Beaver, the chairman of the Guinness Brewery is out hunting birds in good old 1951. He tries to shoot a golden plover, but misses.

He then wonders if the plover is indeed the fastest game bird in Europe. He's pretty sure it is and his friend highly disagrees.

They want to settle the argument, but they can't find any reference books answering the question of who's right.

Well he wants the answer and he knows other people at bars may like trivia facts they can't usually find the answers to as well, so...

What does he do?

He hires sports journalists who provided facts and figures to the newspapers of Fleet Street in London UK to put together what was then known as the Guinness Books of World Records.

He starts this idea to originally be a marketing piece to promote their beer.

A lot of people told him this was a crazy idea and laughed.

Remember we talked about assumed constraints, before? Anyways...

When this "crazy idea" takes off and becomes more than a simple marketing piece, the rest was history.

In 1956 the first US editions is published.

In 2003-the 100,000,000th copy of the Guinness World Records book is sold!

It all started with a question, a unfulfilled need in a market and a simple idea.

This then morphed into something greater. Something much greater.

Let me ask you...

Is your business missing a profitable opportunity right now? Let me rephrase that...

What golden opportunity are you sitting on now and don't even realize?

One that your market wants, but you're not giving it.

Every business has at least one obvious one sitting right in front of their eyes-guaranteed.

And every business has several hiding inside. So What's Yours?
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