"Print ads are so old school, but they still get clients..."

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It seems like print ads are no longer fashionable.

However, those of us who still use them and follow giants
like Dan Kennedy, know that most of his most successful
consultant students still use print ads.


There are three reasons:

1. Running print ads in trade publications and industry
mags are one of the fastest ways to test a niche for
viability and consistently get in front of your target market.

2. Secondly, the vast majority of consultants and offline
marketers have some secret phobia about running print ads,
so the ones that do have a competitive advantage.

3. Thirdly, the higher costs of running print ads are a
natural barrier of entry to consultants and offliners who
either don't have money or the courage to invest in them.

That's why you have to try to incorporate finding and
placing print ads in niche publications into your daily
prospecting efforts.

Or at least invest one day a month into finding affordable
sources and then select one publication per week that
fits into your budget and run a ad.

(Yes, you should run a ad with a direct offer AND run
a ad with a lead magnet offer. Do both by rotating
the ads you run.)

Will it be expensive?

Yes and no. It ultimately depends on where you place
your ads.

But, within reason, the cost is not as important as the
return on your investment.

(When I say within reason, that means that it doesn't
cost thirty thousand dollars - which you don't have -
for a half page ad that you haven't tested yet.)

Remember this is all about you having consistent
predictable streams of leads that you generate
because of daily money-making activities.

So, you may not be able to afford to run a print ad
every single day in a different trade publication, but
you can run one once a month.

The other more affordable option is to make a list of
20-30 chamber of commerce's in your area.

And either visit their website, email or call them and ask
for their rates to insert your flyer (otherwise known as
a print ad or a display ad) in their monthly newsletter
that goes out to their members.

You don't have to join their chamber, although that's a
good idea. Every chamber I've ever contacted allows
non-members to advertise to their members.

It's a revenue stream for them, so they are definitely
onboard with that.

And most chambers charge anywhere from $75-$200 to
insert a flyer in their monthly mail out to all of their members.
I hope you see the potential there.

So, the goal may be to start with one chamber
insert per week.

However, as you get more revenue flowing in and
better service fulfillment systems in place, you can
gradually increase it to placing three or four flyer inserts
a week into different chamber newsletters.

Once again, don't look at it only in terms of ad cost.

It's all about R.O.I.

If you are investing $75 or $100 per week and are
conservatively getting three clients per month
at $500-$1000 each.

That's $1,500 to $3,000 that's flowing back in.

I'd take that return all day long on a $300-$400
per month investment.

That's why you need to start with at least one
good print ad (flyer, display ad etc.) asap.

See you at the top,

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  • Profile picture of the author Tim Bazley
    I've seen the power of printed ads first hand. I wrote one for a local business that's doing very well indeed with a huge R.O.I.

    Make sure the ad is written in the advertorial style though. Don't just put together a 'normal' display ad.

    Include a strong headline, lots of compelling benefits and a strong call to action.

    This is definitely one to experiment with...
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  • Profile picture of the author Lesley Huntley
    I agree, I never run print ads, but I decided I was going to try it all this year. I thought I would start tiny, so I ran a $25 ad in a free paper delivered to every home, thinking I may as well just chuck my 25 bucks down the toilet. I put it in the trades and services rather than computer services hoping the businesses who advertise there would check their ads and see.

    Well what do you know someone bit, I made a new business friend today who ordered a $595 website. Of course it may just be a fluke but you bet I'm going to try it again. I'll let you know in a month how it goes!
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