If privacy policy is required, how come many local businesses don't have them on their websites?

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I know that we are supposed to put privacy policy and TOS on our websites.

I was looking over many different websites owned by local business owners, including lawyers, and most of them do not have a privacy policy and TOS.

I thought a company can get fined or sued by the FTC if a company does not have a privacy policy and TOS.

When you design/create a website for your clients, do you include a privacy policy & TOS?
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    Privacy policy isn't required by any law in particular that I know of, however if you are processing payments through an online vendor they usually require one. Also if you're doing PPC the PPC platforms also require a privacy policy.
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    I've seen it said time and again that having those legal pages boosts the trust Google has in your site, as well. So it's worth putting them together for that alone.
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    With rare exception, websites and blog owners ARE required by law to have a privacy policy for a number of reasons. And that privacy policy needs to have specific provisions and disclosures to comply with existing and the new laws effective Jan 1, 2014. California's new law affects most website and blog owners in the country.

    The California's Attorney General's Office can fine you $2500 if you do comply with the new law 30 days after receiving a warning notice. No matter what state you live in.

    A privacy policy and terms of use are essentially contracts with your customers and visitors, and poorly drafted ones can be used against you just as easily as professionally drafted ones can protect you.

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    I just took the info provided by amalgam and sold a client on updating their privacy policy for $350.

    Also sent a broadcast to my B2B list to see what kicks up. Will update if anything happens.

    Thanks for the idea
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