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I was thinking about buying some PLR videos for how to design wordpress websites. After getting the site all set up and working my plan is to get a compelling sales letter written up and try to sell the wordpress training course for $5. I would be printing flyers out and posting them on apartments mainly. The main landing page will force the user to put in their email in order to see the sales video for the wordpress site. I would have around 7 follow up emails compelling them to buy the training as well as promote related affiliate products. Do you guys think this would work or am I just dreaming?
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    I would think there are better marketing options.
    Flyers would work, but I would make them niche appropriate.
    Like putting flyers around a modeling agency, offering to show models how to make their own website to showcase their work. You could even try making it $10, and giving $5 tp the modeling place(s).

    Otherwise, I would market it as a DIY option for business owners. I'm not sure flyers on apartments will give you the results you're hoping for.
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      Do you think making a flyer only promoting web hosting to small businesses would work? I could provide the transfer of their current website for free. I think being appearing local might be better than just some guy sending them an email/direct mail letter. What do you guys think?
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    Posting flyers on apartments? Are you hoping that these folks will want to learn how to develop a website for their own personal use, or selling them the training as a way to make money by selling websites to others? Sorry, but just a little unclear exactly what your objective is there.
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    Lets think about this a moment....

    We know 3 things here (presumably)...

    THE PITCH IS: "Learn how to easily build a website..."

    THE TARGET WOULD BE: People who need a website...

    YOUR CHOSEN ADVERTISING MEDIUM: Flyer distribution to residents of apartment complexes.

    Am I right? If so, let's THINK about these 3 things here. Ask yourself this question... "How Many of these folks living in apartments have a WANT or NEED for a website.

    The answer is not many. Maybe 1 in 80... and I'm guessing on that. What I'm NOT guessing at, is that demographic is not targeted to your pitch.

    It'll be a tough go....


    Keeping with the idea that you're going to flyer RENTERS...

    What most renters DO want is a way to supliment their incomes. So... Let's REPURPOSE those PLR videos you got. Go get MORE videos about the basics of...

    How to setup Aweber.... And WHY it's needed.
    Setup a squeeze
    Write email sequences
    Building a niche site ------- your WP videos
    Finding a market
    Selecting CB products for that market
    Basic traffic using Yahoo Answers
    Basic traffic using blogging (comment - posting)
    Basic traffic using forums
    Basic paid PPC
    Basic Paid FB ads
    List building and email marketing

    That's the idea - you could add more to my list or change the order but you get the idea. What you're doing here is creating a TRAINING COURSE JUST FOR RENTERS that trains them on HOW TO USE THE INTERNET TO PAY THEIR RENT..... or something like that using the Internet marketing course you'll put together using the PLR videos you have.

    You need to change your pitch to match the market.

    RENTERS don't NEED a website itself... They WANT to make more money.

    Get it?
    "Hybrid Method" Gets 120,846 TARGETED VISITORS
    To Any Site in ANY NICHE!

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      i'm with XponentSYS. its a hard sell to renters in an apartment.

      he's being generous at 1 in 80.

      the idea of making more money by using their home computer on the side?

      yep. that's possibly intriguing to folks in apartments after a long days work who just wanna pop on the tube and sit down with soft braincell type of activity

      and then $5 for your opening product? lots of flyers cost money.
      and distributing them your time.

      get 10 takers after distributing 1000 flyers is maximum i'd expect, and i'm wearing my generous minded cap on right now, thats a 1% response, which is pretty good in some markets

      figure out the take.

      dang it can work and i hate to discourage your go-gettum spirit
      just sayin' this forum has huge ways to do it all online

      be successful by marketing (ie. distributing flyers) to:

      1) a market of interested people
      2) people who have bought such a product before
      3) more recently is better

      hit none of these 3, then be prepared for less than 1% response.

      no kidding.

      instead, Build a cheep website for that plr product. Spend three hours distributing the link and a cutesy plugline to forums of interested folks all over the web. you'll have better luck.
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