How To Earn $4,800 With Auto Discount Cards

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This is a great money making idea i have done a few times over the past few years and it works really well, as it's a win, win for all parties involved and everyone makes money.


A double sided discount card 4x5 in size that offers free and discounted automobile services, such as a free oil change, a free battery charge, 50% off an inspection and so on.

(see a real sample of an auto discount card i sold below)


Contact in person a local neighborhood auto repair service station and offer the owner to help them increase their business at no cost to them. Get the service station owner to agree to honor 20 specific free or discounted services. You only need one auto repair service station to agree to work with you and your in business.


In order for the consumers to take advantage of all the free or discounted services, they have to visit the service station many times and this gives the service the ability to build a relationship with the consumers and keep a good percentage of them as life long customers even after they have used up all of the free or discounted services on their auto discount card.


Using a computer with a basic desktop publishing program such as Print Shop, just copy the design of the example auto discount card shown above or create your own design and then using color card stock print the auto discount cards 4 to a page, then cut them out using a paper cutter. If you don't want to design and print out your own auto discount cards just make a mock-up design of how you want your discount to look or use the example shown above and take it to a local printer and have them design it, print it and cut them out for you.


There are a number of ways to sell the auto discount cards. Here are 2 suggested ways to sell them.


Sell them door to door yourself or hire sales people on a commission basis. Here is an example script to use:

How are you today? I'm (your name) from (service station name your working with) Do you or a member of your family own a vehicle? (this question will almost guarantee the desired yes answer) Great! (hand them the auto discount card to look at) As you can see there is a free (pick any free service and explain it) all together there are 20 free or discounted vehicle services a total of ( figure out the total amount of savings the auto discount card your selling has and tell the customer this amount) , but today If your interested I can sell it to you for just $10. Would you like to buy one now?


Work with a nonprofit organization, church, youth group, etc. that needs to raise funds. Offer to let them sell the auto discount cards at say $10 to consumers and for each auto discount card they sell they get to keep $5. You will need to up a contract outlining all of the details of your agreement. This protects both you and the group your working with should any misunderstanding occur.


500 auto discount cards sold at $10 each by yourself grosses $5,000 less estimated expenses of $200 for printing and gas, etc. leaves a net profit of $4,800.

500 auto discount cards sold sold at $10 by a sales person or group grosses $5,000 less 50% or $2,500 is paid to the sales person or group, plus minus $200 for printing leaves a net profit of $2,300 for you.

Good Luck!

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