Whatever it takes, it will happen this week!

by Logia
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Hi Warriors, I have a situation this very week, up until friday, I need to raise $2,000.00. Well, not to be so dramatic, but my uncle died yesterday, and my dad, mother, and little sister are going to visit him. Me and my brother will be left here.

I really want to see him since he was closer to me than my father. Problem is my dad is broke, my mom don't have work, and I don't want to be a burden. So I'm raising $2,000. This very week, I just need some ideas and I will do it whatever it takes. I tried cold calling this morning to 8 roofing and gen. construction company, 2 of them aren't on phone, and I want to leave message but I really don't know what to say. 5 of them aren't interested, well, actually i didn't get pass to the gatekeeper, 4 of them, and the other one ask me if I'm a customer, then when I told him that I could help him make a website he said he don't need any advertisement anymore since he got all what he needs, no more budget for another advertising, which is ofcourse lying, there is something wrong with my approach, maybe I sound too needy? Or boring? It's not really rejection yet it feel like it. Is there another way?

Thanks guys!
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