Best way for trade show attendees to share their pics for contest?

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Have a sportsman's show that will have 4 to 6 really cool 3D prints setup such as a 3d fireplace etc... People love to snap pics with these because they look so real.

Will be having a contest with give aways for those that submit their pics.
The maker of the 3d prints will simply use the pics in his portfolio.
The organizer of the trade show would of course like to remarket to these folks either via email/text/facebook etc...

Trying to figure out the path of least resistance for average visitors to be able to snap a pic and share it. Any thoughts from those that have done something similar would be great. We could do QR codes to direct them somewhere specific but just trying to imagine the simplest process that would work for most people based on skill level, phone etc..

I am wondering if really the most successful route will be for us to snap pics ourselves and collect an email but that is really not our first choice.
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    Depends on how much info you want to collect and how you want to follow up.

    The simplest would be to have people simply sent it to a cell phone number you set up.
    You could also use an email.
    And/or a web form.

    The harder it is the less will do it of course.
    Enter to Win {prize}
    Two Steps and you are entered
    1. Take Picture of {3d thing}
    2. Send Name, {etc}, and the picture to 555-555-5555*
    *Disclaimer {we will not sell blah blah we will market to you blah blah pictures become the property of blah blah winner agrees to blah blah we are not responcible for lost submission blah blah}
    Than have one or two pages nearby that explains how to do it on some common phones. And if you have a "booth babe" have her trained to help. Include an alternate method like a web form or email for those who can't text it over.
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    You could also have people snap a picture and post it to the company's Facebook page.
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    Thanks Aaron

    Combination of text and email is likely the way to go along with someone ready to help if they need it.
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