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I am running a radio ad campaign here shortly and the advertisements seem to lack punch. Any suggestions would be wonderful. These are the ad spots we are thinking about now but something seems missing

Please let me know your thoughts.
Radio Ads | Kilter Termite & Pest Control ServicesKilter Termite & Pest Control Services

Also , I am really struggling with the frequency thing as well. The strategy we are going with is really targeting reach and not frequency which scares me because the pieces seem frequency based as they are wordy.

Any opinions would be helpful.
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  • I like #3 the best. It seems to speak in "homeowner " understood language. I listen to a ton of talk radio and I pay close attention to the ads. Most ads pound that phone number into the ads. Ironically,those are the ones I remember the most.
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    Thanks so much for the response ! I am still thinking that a major copy revision is coming as I cannot see any of them pulling.

    This will be going on News Talk Radio, With a high home ownership demographic.

    I think I either need to change the strategy ( switch to overnights and pound frequency )
    or Switch Copy and go for straight reach during primetime with obnoxious copy hoping for direct response

    Any thoughts
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      I like #2. It grabs the listener's attention at the beginning with an off-the-wall question, agitates his pain of possibly having termites, and then positions Kilguard as the solution.

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        I would say #2 but with some changes...

        "So I had termites... you dont understand I HAD BUGS EATING MY HOUSE"
        cutting out the "I know what your thinking" part

        "Super Professional. They have this exclusive system called"
        the "And Clean" sounds off to me. I get what you are saying but it needs something smoother. - It might be the to many "and's" in that part.

        "Giving the next 20 people like me" needs to be "the next 20 people like YOU"

        then the phone number "800 the number four and kilter, 800 4 kilter" you are statistically better saying the numbers. "800 the number 4 kilter, that's 800 454 5837 again 800 454 5837"

        In regards to your concerns with frequency. A GENERAL rule of thumb is someone is going to need to hear this message 8 times before they act. So they hear it 8 times and it is 2 in the morning... The reason the late night slots are cheaper? they are not as effective. The person cant sink that number in their head and call NOW.

        When I use radio. I target right before lunch hour 11:15 to 11:45 and then 4:45 to 5:45. The reasoning for this for me anyways.. the AM hours they can call you on their lunch break. and the afternoon one they are leaving work or in their car on the way home.

        Hope that Helps!
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    I'd go for a hybrid:

    "what's small and white - and eats your house."

    because I like the contrast of something small eating a house. That's the kind of stuff makes the listener go, "say wha?"
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