Is Obamacare heaven or hell for offline opportunities?

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I was just reading about the crazy growth curve of consultants who can help implement Epic software, a popular hospital and health management system.

Epic Systems spawns huge growth in lucrative consulting jobs

At the same time, more doctors seem to be choosing salaried positions over private practice because of the uncertainty of health care--which would seem to limit opportunities for offline services like SEO, video marketing, websites, etc., selling to private practice doctors.

In other words, health care is in flux in the US. Is this helping you or hurting your offline business?
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    If you take the broad view, every change increases opportunities.

    After the dust settles, we'll get used to Obamacare, and so will the doctors.

    But now, the doctors that are staying in private practice will have a shrinking market...which means marketing suddenly becomes more important.

    And even if the market doesn't long as they think it will, then they are more receptive to marketing help.

    Change breaks people out of their routine. They tend to wake up more. And they are more receptive to solutions.

    But you need to know a great answer to "We are going to wait and see how this all plays out".

    And that should be handled in the presentation.
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