Importing Offline Email List without Autoresponder Trouble

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I am working with a couple of realtors with a few thousand leads they've collected via personal contact and leads sent by real estate web sites where they are listed.

Now I KNOW the problems of loading a few thousand "un opt-in" addresses in an autoresponder and spewing out emails. I wouldn't do that. But I don't to through away potential leads and they did give their email address to get information.

My thought
- load a few hundred at a time, only those collected in the last year
- send a one sentence note with a CLEAR statement
1) how we got their email
2) how to unsubscribe
3) direct to an opt-in page

Thoughts? Trying to avoid getting the account closed while cleaning the list and not burning the subscribers or autoresponder.
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    We did something similar with out list and burned it down to about 5k subscribers and build it from there.

    Your score will hurt till a few emails go out to filter the list. If you think too many will unsubscribe or call it spam personally don't upload the list.

    Maybe create an email and send that manually to get these people who are interested to subscribe.

    It is said that "the money is in the list" but in a way that is BS. A list that isn't quality is worthless.
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    I do this all the time, usually with MailChimp or GetResponse because they don't require subscriber confirmation. (I really like MC lately because they have a free account option.)

    Just mention why they're receiving the message. In general I've found people won't hit the spam button, assuming because the content is above-board, not scammy or their long-lost brother from Nigeria.

    As long as the leads are legit, I doubt you'll run into a spam issue (or account shut-down).
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    Search the web for "re-engagement campaign" to get some ideas on how other companies are approaching people who haven't heard from them in awhile, or simply those who do not open emails. Like mentioned above, state who you are and how you got their email, what value they will receive by staying on your list, and what frequency they should expect to receive your emails. Once you've established that clear communication and an easy unsubscribe process, you most likely will not run into any problems. Spam complaints spike when you send unrelated offers. So make sure it's highly relevant to the topic of real estate.
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      Thanks for all the feedback!

      Just to update: we have about a 5% response rate so far and some really good leads, so that was worth it.

      We also have a 7.2% unsubscribe rate which I don't think is that bad with such a big list. However, MailChimp has sent me a couple of compliance emails basically putting me on notice. I will contact them directly and let them know what I'm doing.
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        tranndee, thanks for coming back to share the results.

        I'd be careful about contacting them directly - may get someone who doesn't see eye-to-eye and thus gives you problems.

        Do you have a link in the email to track click-thru?

        Are you having any troubles with spam score?
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          I'm new to MailChimp so there are things I didn't set up like open tracking or inbox inspection. Have no idea what the click-through or spam score is. The message was "9-word" with no topic.

          The bounce rate was 5.5% and about 75% of that were hard, but the bounce reasons didn't look like they were bounced as spammy. Less than 1% were complaints. The only thing MailChimp is balking about is the unsubscribes.

          Maybe I'll hold off contacting then. It was just a warning and the account's still active, but I want to send another email--maybe 20 days from the first--and continue cleaning up the list as well as getting responses (and set up the spam score and tracking options).

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    I suspect that any reputable auto-responder will ask that you
    send an email asking the prospect to subscribe to your list and provide
    the opt in link.

    "If you think you're the smartest person in the room, then you're probably in the wrong room."

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