I have a goldmine of a telemarketer, but I don't know what to do with her!

by walvin
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Long story short I have a family member who has been in telemarketing and phone sales for 25+ years. She has been the top seller at the company she works at for almost 20 years straight. She handles cold calls and previously sold clients alike. Almost all of it is b2b.

Here's the fun part, her job is stagnant and she's ready for a change. She wanted us to start something together. Now for me, I have several online ventures, mostly adsense/amazon, ebooks, and ebay/amazon stores. I have almost no experience in b2b or dealing with clients.

In my decade of IM I have never had to make a single phone call to a client, or even had a client. I really don't know how to tie the two worlds together. I'm looking for ideas! I hate to pass up such a goldmine.

She has been selling physical products b2b so our initial thoughts were to get into something every business needs, janitorial supplies for example.

The internet marketer in me is thinking maybe SEO or ORM but I do not have a good source for either (I would need to outsource all the work and we simply provide the leads) and I do not know much about ORM.

Guys! I feel like I'm sitting on a treasure chest without a key! Help me pick this lock!
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    Ehhhh...family member.


    Unless you have a home run lined up, I'd let her go her own way. Just too many potential problems. I wouldn't do it.

    If you are adamant about going ahead, have her do high ticket sales only on a topic she enjoys talking about and that you are able to fulfill competently.
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    Is she willing to freelance indipendently of her job ...and if so what would her rate per call be?
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    Do you want her to be like you? an IM...?

    You can of course teach her how or if for some reason you are not comfortable at teaching her then maybe you can try and sign up a trial period with CHRIS FARRELL MEMBERSHIP, he is voted No.1 internet marketer for 3 consecutive year.

    Chris is a very good teacher and a great motivator.

    See how she feels during the trial period..She might changed! GOODLUCK!
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