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I am providing Facebook Management Services in India. I charge around $399/mo for my service. Since there is no payment gateway that supports recurring payment automatically, its very hard for me to collect payment from the businesses every month. They don't want to stop my service (FB is THE BEST marketing channel with THE BEST ROI for almost all) and most of them want to delay the payment. I have serious problems collecting payments month on month.

I planned to launch Facebook Management services to local businesses in USA and UK where payment subscription is super simple with paypal or any other similar gateway. I want to get clients directly and through JV partners.

My services include:
100+ Monthly Fans (Hyperlocal)
Custom Graphics For Fan Page
Fanpage Management - Daily Posts, Response to queries/comments
Create & Manage Deals &other Campaigns
Multiple Apps to generate sales and leads
and Very focused strategies on getting my clients the best possible ROI.

What is the best price range for my service in USA & UK (through Direct selling and via JV partners)?

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    Your help will be appreciated. . Hope to see some response. Thanks
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      Hey bud, if you do a little search in this sub-forum, there have been many threads about price ranges for social media management. Be sure to search titles.

      I hope this helps.
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        Re: Collecting monthly payments;

        Waaay Back before PayPal I used a software program called "Checks By Fax" that let me "Print Checks" on my PC. At the 1st of every month I'd print checks (on plain paper) These "checks" looked like real checks with my client's bank account info and on the "Signature" line it said, "Signature On File".

        I'd cut the check off the bottom 3rd of the sheet....stamp on back "For Deposit Only" and deposit just as if I received the check in person.

        Last year, I found a software program at Staples called "Checksoft" ($50) that does the same thing.

        On every Order Form was the words; "Client agrees to Automatic Monthly Withdrawal from Bank Account #_______________"

        At the 1st of each Month I'd email each client a "Paid Invoice".

        I'm not familiar with Pricing of what you're doing but I thought this might help with your monthly collections. Banks in the US starting allowing "Facsimile" Checks back in 1992. Not sure if Banks in India allow "Fax" checks.

        Don Alm
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          Never bill your clients. I use to automatically deduct their fees every month.

          Some people aren't setup with paypal. And why make them jump through that hoop?

          As far as fees? Your monthly charge seems easy to sell. I always prefer to charge a huge upfront fee, and then a small monthly fee. That way, after I do all the work, I still got paid.
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