Business Owners leveraging Instragram?

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Hey Warriors....

I ignored it at first....but leave it to Internet and Affiliate Marketers to find a way to make money from any platform. Are any of you using Instragram for Marketing?

Here is how I am using it. I create a image or MeMe with a call to action written on it, inviting people to view my profile. Then in my profile, have a short profile with a Call to Action, the web link, takes them to a landing page. Been working very well, getting 10-20 leads per day. I am starting to create this plan for my business clients.

This would be perfect for certain types of business.

What else are you all doing with Instagram Marketing?
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    Absolutely, This technique actually works wonders for my Dog Walking/Board business. Others should implement it as well im sure it would help all kinds of businesses.
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      That's awesome, I am seeing a big jump from Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to Instragram. If anyone wants to attend my Instragram free training tomorrow. Send me a DM or 2nd link in my Signature here. :-)

      Originally Posted by jcolon View Post

      Absolutely, This technique actually works wonders for my Dog Walking/Board business. Others should implement it as well im sure it would help all kinds of businesses.

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    Yes Instagram is growing super super fast.
    I consult in the nightlife industry, so you can imagine with that age group (20-30 avg) it's crazy. I had a meeting with a group of students yesterday about some marketing initiatives and they were very blatant that they are 'on Instagram every ten seconds and can't get off of it' - so know that as they get older and the platform grows, it is going to be super lucrative.

    In my industry, I have hired 'Instagram Paparazzi' to run our accounts and post pics through out the night. Hand out a biz card size flyer with our IG account and have people follow and tag the bar. Of course the regular posting of event posters with hashtags still goes on, but that is the basic marketing tactic, IG is also a social media platform so you can get very creative!

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    my girlfriends salon is doing well with it

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    So your call to action is promting your Instagram
    followers to go to your Instagram profile first?
    If so, that's a good idea as the profile isn't viewed
    as often as a feed.

    I haven't worked it into my strategies but it's a
    consideration now.

    So tell me, what are your reasons for not including
    your target website in your memes or images?
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      Will send you a pm, hopefully I didn't miss it.
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    This is genius! Thanks for talking about it. I was just with a potential client who asked about Instagram as well. This will fit nicely. I appreciate your post.
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