2 Questions And Some Big Fat Juicy Clues

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As yourself these 2 questions before you next
communicate with your prospects... so you
get a higher response, therefore more client money.

1 What does your prospect fear the most when
Is it his own limitations to get the desired result?

Is it around integration with existing things?

Is it around sensitivity to anything that
sounds like they heard before which lead to a bad experience?

Is there something that sounds too good to be true
which makes him not believe you?

2 What is his secret desire?

CLUE: Think of him saying to himself...

"If I could just have [blank].

Here's an example I ran years ago in one of my lawnmowing businesses.

Problem for prospects: Been let down by existing lawnmowing guy
by turning up late and or made a mess of the job.

Communication Solution: It will never happen with me. If for any reason it did they will be paid $1,000.

Go through those questions to see what your prospects are likely to be thinking about before they buy.

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