Selling iPhones for decent income

by rizy
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Hey guys, couple weeks ago when I was traveling I lost my htc one. Then I looked towards Craigslist to find a nice iPhone 5S, I found one at a good price of $430. The color was white and I wanted gold so I sold it for 550. This gave me the idea to do it again and again.

I have now done it 4 times only at a 50-100 profit per phone.

Now I want to do it at slightly bigger level. I want to find a buyer who can afford to buy a lot of these and buy them at around $500. Someone with foreign connections. I wanna sell 20 per day.

Does anyone knows a buyer like this, some websites pay good as well please help me out.

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    No one can reply to this?
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    So basically you want to find a buyer willing to buy wholesale amounts at retail prices?

    I just really want you to stop and think about that.

    My advice is if you have access to 20 per day you need to get better at selling them for a retail price. Also amazed you are finding 20 people per day who don't know what an iPhone 5S should sell for.

    I understand how services find these people because the people don't want to deal with selling it themselves. But finding that many on Craigslist and meeting the buyers seems amazing.

    On the other hand remember Apple ID locks. Anyone selling a phone too cheaply may be ripping you off because the phone is locked to another Apple ID.
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    Oh shit, I meant 20 per month.
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