Local Keywords to target for Pizzeria and Spa/Salon

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I am wondering if folks can suggest on what keywords I can target for a local Pizzeria restaurant and Spa/Salon.

What I am looking for is some low hanging KWs and some competitive ones:

A list of 5 in each category will be great. e.g.:

Pizzeria KWs
Easy to rank:
pizza carryout in MyCityName
pizza carryout special in MyCityName
pizza places in MyCityNameopen late

Hard to rank:
best pizza in town
best pizza places in MyCityName
best italian food in MyCityName

Spa/Salon KWs
Easy to rank:
hair cutting places in MyCityName
Spa package MyCityName

Hard to rank:
best hair salon in MyCityName
hair salon discount
best waxing deals in MyCityName

So I need 5 hard hard to rank and 5 easy to rank KWs for each niche.

Appreciate any suggestions on these KWs that I can go after for local SEO
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    pizza delivery [city]
    pizza delivery [city] [state - full]
    pizza delivery [city] [state - abv]
    [city] pizza delivery

    pizza [city]
    pizza [city] [state - full]
    pizza [city][state - abv]
    [city] pizza

    Maybe 'by the slice', 'deepdish', etc? I searched for 'Stuff' pizza [mycity] last week and ended up with a damn fine stuff pizza and a new place to go in the future.

    Same goes for Salons - use both the state abbreviation and the full name with the main keywords.

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    Thanks for the suggestions.
    I am using GKWPT, but for local search there is typically no search volume, So wanted
    to know from the folks in the trenches on what are some good KWs to target initially
    to show some result to the client

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    I would recommend for the competitive keywords to ignore the pizza altogether and go after the restaurant keyword. Such as:

    restaurants [city]
    restaurants in [city]
    [city] restaurants

    Any variation of that would provide a ton of traffic. It is a lot harder to rank for a general keyword like that, but if you can it will be very beneficial.

    Remember the more results you can show will give you a higher value in the client's eye.

    "If you don't build your dreams, someone will hire you to help build theirs."

    -Tony Gaskins

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      The best thing to do is go to a city like Atlanta and type into Google "Atlanta Spa and Salon". Check out the top 3 and see what keywords they're trying to rank for in their title tag, description, and content. Also check out their service pages.

      A big bonus tip for you would be to check the meta keywords tag also in the source code. It doesn't work anymore but people still put all of their keywords in there.

      You may already know all of this but there you go. That's the best way to come up with great keywords.

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    Have you tried copy/pasting local pizzeria URLs into the Adwords Keyword Tool? That will provide suggestions. It'll include non-local phrases but you can just add the city name before and after.
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    Ignore keyword tool search volumes I've made 1000s from keywords showing zero search volume.

    These are REAL searches

    replace XXX with town/city
    (state) use abbreviation

    some phrases may not be relevant if pizza place closes before midnight

    pizza places open at 3am in XXX (state)
    pizza places open late in XXX (state)
    pizza places open after midnight XXXX (state)
    best pizzeria in XXX 2014
    pizzeria in XXXX (state)
    what is the best pizza restaurant in XXXX (state)
    best pizza restaurant in XXXX (state)
    pizza restaurants near XXX (state)

    Also make sure to include uptown, downtown, upper , lower, east, west keywords depending on location.

    This is a small sample. For larger list Id need to know the exact town/city.

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