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Miriam Ellis, one of my mods at the Local Search Forum mod and staff member at Moz, has been working on a giant Google Local troubleshooting guide.

She asked my advice on it a couple of times and I helped especially with the parts about dealing with duplicate listings. (The bane of my existence!) :p

It was just published over at Moz so I wanted to share and think it's def worth a bookmark and covers all the main problem areas that come up.

Troubleshooting Local Ranking Failures: A Beginner's Guide - Moz

Tons of info. Hope it helps!
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  • Oh and speaking of dupes, in case you were unaware...

    HEADs UP - If you were one of the many that created G+ Business Pages and manually merged with your Place page (by verifying the G+ page)...

    I've been telling folks for over a year not to do it and that's the advice Google has been giving as well and there were good reason for us telling you that.

    Well those that did, it's created a big complicated mess that has tons of people confused and frustrated. I have a thread 48 posts long over at my forum about it with people trying to figure it out.

    But here is a direct thread at the Google forum for Jade that attempts to explain the 3 different types of dupes that are causing problems right now. The last one is the G+ page issue I referred to above.

    Email from Google about duplicate listing in your account

    Sorry that thread is a over a week old now. I've been trying to get here more often to give you guys important updates as they come up, but don't always make it over here.

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