Personal trainer website idea - will it work?

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Hi all, ive got a personal trainer website ranked well for my local city, and i am thinking of ways to monetize it.

ideas are -
1) sell the leads to another personal trainer. Buy a number and trace every call and charge by the call ( or email )

2)contact other personal trainers in the area and ask if they want to create a page on my site with all their details for everyone to see, and i just charge a standard "membership fee"

i look forward to your replys and any other ideas, thanks in advance
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    Are you a personal trainer? Why not create workout videos and sell them? Like P90X, Insanity, etc.

    Start by offering a free workout or nutrition guide to collect contact info.

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      Idea is not bad, let me know what is your website, it will appreciated if you send me your training website.

      Please send me on PM.
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  • You could also do try some affiliate marketing for workout clothes and home gym equipment...
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  • I will recommend that you get started in building list of email for all those that visit your site and then you can send theme email of offers that are niche related to your site.
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    I personally wouldn't want to get involved with buying a phone number and having to handle calls, so I would set up a lead capture box to get email optins. Send them some free material, get them hooked, then you can find local trainers that will sponsor your emails to your list. Sort of like selling solo ads, but not just for the "make money online" niche.
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    Create a paid directory that you charge personal trainers monthly for, then monetize it further with fitness affiliate or cpa banner ads. You could have a nice residual income each month.
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      To ADD to Mike Lee's post... add sub niche with pregnancy trainer, senior train etc. You'll have more keywords to target
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        Some great ideas on this thread. Set up a opt-in box and start building your list.
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          Originally Posted by 9999 View Post

          Some great ideas on this thread. Set up a opt-in box and start building your list.
          I'll Try This. thank you.
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    How about you categorize the site, like muscle building, crossfit, weight loss, race training, etc...

    Then you can contact trainers in your area who are pretty specific to that category, charge them to be listed as the exclusive expert in the area. Give them a page where people can sign up for their classes, look at pics, couple of videos (message from the trainer), phone number etc...

    I would hit up trainers that do group style training, they are the ones who have the budget to give you a couple hundred a month to be listed.

    So, $150 a month, 6ish categories, close to a grand a month. Add some CPA offers into the ad slots that are relevant.

    Copy and paste into 10 towns. Drink margaritas and collect checks!

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