100 Small Business Pain Points

by Neison
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Found this during client research today. Warriors usually solve the Top 10, but understanding a broader spectrum of pain points could be helpful for empathizing and relating to prospects. Maybe you can add to your list of problems to solve.

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    Thanks Neisen. I really appreciate you sharing this with us.
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    Hey, nice post and that list is pretty good but some of them are a little weird. lol

    The landlord number 89 seems more like a lie then an actual pain point.
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    Rus, a few are obviously case-by-case (ha!)

    I shared it because those who haven't owned an offline business have no idea about the annoying stuff that happens.

    Solving revenue/profit will help with many of the problems. Knowing the "trickle down" effect that your efforts can have may help with the pitch.

    And being aware of these issues may soften rejections.
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    I would have thought that this tread would gain more traction but it hasn't. Seems to be a trend around here when it comes to post's that have real value. Oh well.
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    Some interesting ones in there... 38 is a hell of a problem.
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    Agree with Russ. Top notch post, Neison. Far beyond the usual fare here.

    I'm going to add some of these to a survey I'm putting together.

    #89 A friend owned an auto parts store and leased the back of his building to an auto repair business, during a lull in the economy. When things picked up, he gave the auto repair guy the boot and re-leased the space at a much higher rate.

    Not uncommon.
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      101. Government changed the rules. I can't sell to my existing customers unless I jump through a 1003 loops, each costly.

      102. My wife wants to be involved - management level. She's got the patience of a 2 year old.

      103. My husband wants me to hire his loser cousin Nick.

      104. My biggest client wants a discount for volume and they're a big pain in the ass. If I give it to them, I lose 4% in profits. If I don't, I lose them, or 18% of business and then I have to lay off someone. But I'll have less stress. But...
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      Darn, I didn't think of that even though I just parted with a nice sum Uncle Sam will not use in ways I approve of.

      But it's a big one. The money + filling out the forms and sending them out on time.

      Originally Posted by iAmNameLess View Post

      105.) I need 3 months of sales in order to pay Uncle Sam.
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    Thank you for sharing such good post for us.
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