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by Yanni6
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I am trying to push a yelp review page for a local business off of page 1. I have already built a bunch of social media profiles: fb, twitter, linkedin, tumblr, g+, and used them daily for about a week now, but they have not been indexed by google yet. So my question to the pros is this: what is the fastest way to outrank yelp and how would you go about doing it. This would help ALOT of people.
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    Youtube videos will be the fastest to rank but you (and your client) need to understand that this is not an overnight process.

    To dominate google is a long term process. And it takes more than some free social sites to do it right. And make no mistake to get rid of that yelp page your goal is google domination.
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      Thanks for the advice. Do you know of any other types of web properties that are easier to rank? Could I use spammy fiverr backlinks on pre established review sites that my client is getting good reviews on?
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    Strong social profiles will be your best bet after a video is ranking, but SEO takes longer than a week. Keep updating them and pushing links at them.
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      Andrew S. - I am in the same position as Yanni6, could you please get more in-depth about your advice in beating Yelp.
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    Go and buy a few expired domains with residual authority, you should be able to pick the up for $10 or so.

    Fill up those domains with branded stuff for whatever keywords your yelp review is showing up for. Throw a few extra links at it.

    These domains will outrank yelp fairly easily, as well as this go out and get all the profiles that aren't claimed so far, looks like you've already done this.

    Then link to these new profiles from the domains you just bought, and voila you've got 2 uses out of them.

    Send out a bunch of press releases and submit them to high authority distributors/ syndication networks.

    Rank some youtube videos, images, slideshares etc etc

    Set up some job sites with keywords involved and submit to every single single job site.

    Run some classifieds (these rank really well)

    This is a brief overview of what is actually a difficult process, it can take time too so be patient. Essentially the idea is to have as many high authority properties targeting your (what is hopefully, low competition) keywords. This will push the yelp review down until page 2.

    For a recent client who had 2 things on page 1 he needed to vanish (in position 2 and 4, a weebly blog and a G+ page) we had to create, build, buy, distribute 90 properties over a 3 month period to push them to page 2.

    The first page is a low quality mess now, but we own most of the first 5 pages of Google for the offending terms.

    And as we say, page 2 ain't shit!

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    This ^. Might also:

    buy some EMD, rank those
    rank an inner page on your site
    rank an inner page on the EMD
    Create a forum post
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    Hey MassiveRay could you critique what I have done

    10 social media sites(solid profiles with many followers + directories (already ranking just not beating yelp) all heavily back linked by gsa ser (started 2 days ago). I'm getting a prbuzz press release and a youtube video as well. How long should it take for my social profiles to reach page one?(they are on page2,3,4 after just being indexed).
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