How To Test Viability of Offline Business?

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I have an idea for an offline business that I may want to get into.

Currently I am at the stage where I am testing the market and the potential of the idea.

I have spoken with one of the manufacturers of the 'system' that would be a BIG part of my business and he seems to think the market is on the rise but obviously he is bias.

I have also run Adwords Keyword Planner and there is not much in the way of volume only because this is such an unknown market. Call me optimistic but I dont think this is a negative, I just think its not something people necessarily look for because they wouldn't even know this solution existed unless it was shown to them I think.

I then thought about running a Facebook campaign but am not quite sure if the best way to do it would be to point the traffic to a survey or something else?

An optin page saying something like "Would yo be interested in 'X'?".

And then of course I have had some offline idea's where I would essentially drum up interest on the street but this would cost me money and would be a bit of a risk.

Does anyone have any other ideas for how I would test the viability of my new business idea?

The market is in the health and relaxation area.

Cheers & much love
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    If you are unsure about the viability, you may want to create a kickstarter project. This, depending on how you present the idea could give you some indication on how viable the project is.
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      It is a bit hard to understand what you are talking about.

      Manufacturer implies:

      a. Physical product

      b. They already make and sell them.

      So if it is on the rise how many did they shift 2 years ago, last year and on target for this year?

      Again, not knowing what you are talking about exactly, perhaps I would be walking in to every gym, health place, pilates class, middle class hairdresser that sort of thing and taking along a sample and simply asking to get some sort of face to face feedback.

      And I would be getting the details of those who are interested to get hold of them later.

      Don't know if that is of any help to you.

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