Where to buy social signals?

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Hi guys!

I want to buy some social signals for a new blog post.
The idea is to just get a couple of G+, tweets and likes (between 10 and 30 each)...

I am not interested in buying like 1000 likes or something.
I prefer to pay a little bit more for each share if they are coming from active US users. And I need it quickly.

Does anyone know where I can get that?


(I just realised that I posted this in the wrong forum... I meant to post in the social media forum... sorry)
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    Probably for a quick turn around ... Fiverr
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    SMH... Why do you want to do that? Do you think it's going to have a ranking impact?

    Social media following is useless to fake or inflate.. it's not going to help you and in some cases it will actually hurt you.
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    You can use addmefast for that sort of thing. But like the others said, I think it's useless.. except the fact that people would think your post is somewhat popular. But if the post hasn't sparked a valuable discussion in the comments section, what difference would a few likes make in the eyes of the people?
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    I don't think it is a bad thing to do in moderation. Suppose you have a blog post with no social action...that is only going to create negative social proof. You are better off hiding your social counters. If you have social numbers, IMO, people are more likely to share because so many others have. There are lots of great, inbound marketing style ways to get these, but if you are just interested in buying them, I would suggest something like Microworkers or Mturk.
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    Try EmpireAvenue as well where you can get them for free.

    Visit my official blog: James Winsoar and learn how to generate 30+ new FREE leads a day on auto-pilot!

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      Originally Posted by winsoar View Post

      Try EmpireAvenue as well where you can get them for free.
      And who would want them?

      you say you are a Linkedin "expert" and you are suggesting fake likes?

      Oh please

      This place drives me crazy....so much foolishness and so many people willing to do anything for scraps
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    Buying likes, tweets, followers are somewhat not recommended. Assume that you have a got no of likes in facebook. And finally you make a post and no one is interested on the same as those are the fake likes. Finally that is not going to gain a good no of shares, likes and comments. And ultimately you end up with loss of money.
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    It is ridiculous thing and anyone who tells you different probably sells this junk

    facebook has removed fake bot likes...and you could lose your page

    seriously - a fan page of robots ....at very best you get fake likes from people in countries you may not even know how to spell

    I personally wish all these bottom feeders were shut down

    take them likes and shove em
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        Originally Posted by ajaysofttrix View Post

        Please let me know i can do for you.
        Oh please...what can you do? provide bot likes?

        or maybe so called "microworkers"....

        they provide no business...may spam sneakers and sunglasses junk...
        it looks stupid and fake..

        and now facebook will not only remove the fake likes but may remove the account

        so how can you "help"?
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