Anyone tried the NEW publishing feature on Linkedin...?

by hayfj2
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Have you tried the new blogging feature yet on LinkedIn?

Personally I think it's awesome.

What are other people's experience of it?


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  • Profile picture of the author Danny Shaw
    Yeah it is pretty great and a good addition. Let see if we can rank some of the bad boys!
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    Hi Danny, I just did a test blog and gotten close to 6000 views and over 200 shares in less than 24hrs. Pretty impressive, but it makes it all the more worthwhile by all the new followers, the leads and revenue it now generating using just standard features on the platform.

    It, combined with the New Pulse feature allows to publish into the demand. Pretty clever and "simple" stuff.

    How have others been finding it?
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  • Profile picture of the author Jason Kanigan
    How do you find this service? I don't see it.

    Yes, I found some articles about it. But where's the way in?

    Also, anyone know about potential duplicate content penalties?
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  • Profile picture of the author hayfj2
    Hi Jason,

    Here's 2 links that you may find useful. (To access all links on those pages, best to login)

    The Blog that I wrote (Please feel free to "Share" it, thanks)

    2nd Blog I'm playing with that explains how to access it and some additional bits n pieces from the last 24 hrs.

    The potential for this is absolutely astounding with an audience of over 150m+ within LinkedIn alone.

    I wonder about SEO optimisation and getting found outside by Google though, anyone got any ideas?
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    It's generated traffic, followers, leads and revenue for about 10 mins work. And 6000+ views in such a short time is awesome.

    The viral effect is kicking in with over 200 other linkedin members sharing the article too.

    A bit of careful planning, linking and promotion could turn this into a very valuable resource for any IMer or small business owner for that matter.

    What do others think?

    (Oh and if you find the actual content of my blog useful do please like and share it, cheers.)
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  • Profile picture of the author ADukes81
    I have been wanting to publish content, but was waiting to be "approved". Thanks to your post, it was right in front of me the whole time. I think this is a fantastic opportunity for all us marketers.

    Pulling out the pencil and notepad to write up a post.

    Thank you for this!
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  • Profile picture of the author hayfj2
    If you carefully and selectively select groups in which to promote your article/post and time it right, each group will promote your article in the GROUP MAILING TO ALL MEMBERS in that group

    Now think of the POWER OF THAT.... email going out to tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of email inboxes on your behald by LinkedIn and the subject line is the title of your article.

    He he.

    (I know. I know, I nearly wet myself when I started getting the emails in.)

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