How Do I Get Someone To Distribute Flyers

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I want to engage in offline marketing and I want to use flyers.

What is the best way of marketing them these flyers?

Please note that I have 2 target countries (America and Britain)

Unfortunately, I am based in Africa.

How do I

1. Distribute them i.e Can I place them with vendors or in fast food joints(how much do they charge)

2. How do I hire guys (preferably teenagers) to distribute flyers and what are their charges like?

3. How do I get access to train stations and other busy places/

I need your ideas guys. It will be well appreciated

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    Have you tried fiverr?
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    I've never used Fiverr, but there are people on there who will distribute flyers for you.

    David Hunter | Duke of Marketing

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  • Have used Fiverr before to do this to do CPA work for me, but I also have done this to land offline clients. It works, seriously. Of course, not every one of them are good, so you want to test them out and read their reviews. Make sure they have at least 20+ different good reviews to help make it a viable option. I loved it when I found a college student who did this for me outside of Fiverr, and I paid him more than $5 once we worked together. Yes, I was able to work with him outside of was tough, but it happened, and it made both of us a lot of ex good cash.

    To land offline clients, I made a flyer and got one college student to hand it out to any store or business in the area. It got me a good number of clients after several tries on improving my copy. It's a completely different version of snail mail. It's not targeted, but if they get enticed, it could work really well if you find someone reliable and is great at designing flyers.
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    Since you're not located in the countries you're targeting, Fiverr is going to be your best bet.

    Find some quality people on there. Work with them. See what works out and what doesn't.

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    Google - "guerrilla marketing" in the areas you want to target. Most mid to major "metro" areas will have a few of these types of companies that can help you out.

    I have not tried the college route but that may be an option also. Usually though, the listed guerrilla marketer is a better bet IMO.

    Pretty inexpensive also.
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      We are just about to start marketing using flyers, for our home care business.

      In the UK, one company that has been recommended to us is Dor2Dor - who seem to cover many parts of the country via their franchise network.

      Good luck!

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    Craigslist will work pretty fast for you as well.
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      Yup, Fiverr and Craigslist are your best bets. Use a different tracking code on each persons stuff, and if leads call in, you'll know who was genuine. You could ask them to take some pix too.
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