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Since Facebook advertising is all the rage now,
we know images play a BIG part in their success or

It does it in 2 ways...

1 Eye catching

2 Sets the right thoughts about you.

The second one is used rarely,
or used poorly.

Why is it so important?

Since this gives us the opportunity to
positively influence the sale then we should use it.

Here's an experiment by researchers to see if a group of people can have 2 opposite experiences in the same situation.

They told a class of children that their teacher was away and a new teacher would take their class for the day. They handed out a bio of him. Half said he was fun and the other half said he was strict.

At the end of the class the students were asked to give feedback on the teacher.

Nearly every student which was told he was fun thought he was and the others who were told he was strict
came back and said he was strict.

All had the same situation, yet responded by what they had
previously told what to expect, as told by someone else.

Knowing this, what if we made our own newspaper article?

Or Obama saying something related to what we are offering?

Well we can now!

fodey.com Allows us to create our own fake newspaper article.

phrase.it allows us to add speech bubbles to images,
even to Obama.

Go check them out, let your mind loose but don't gover over the line by saying Abama endorses you...
that would be stupid.


P.S. A split test was done between a postcard and a fake torn out newspaper article
in an envelope. The last one won.
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