"Stop struggling. It's alot easier to get a ton of clients when..."

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It's alot easier to get clients when...

...you have several detailed case studies that prove that you can do what you say you can do.

This may seem obvious to you and I now, but the question is...how many detailed case studies are you using in your marketing right now?




It wasn't until I stumbled across a unknown (to me at least) facebook expert (Jason Hornung) and went through his funnel that I decided to buckle down and get my case studies together.

When I first opted in on Jason's landing page, I was highly skeptical because I'd never heard of him before.

However, by the time I went through his extensive and well-documented case studies, I was a raving fan.

In my eyes, his case studies sold me on him as a expert.

He doesn't have the best looking website. He doesn't have tons of products out right now and he's not a big name gure.

However, what he has are several case studies that sell you on him as a expert.

Yes, I know he is Frank Kern's facebook guy, but I didn't know that until I went through Mass Conversions.

And just to be clear, when I say case studies, I'm talking about case studies that move the conversation forward towards hiring you.

I've seen some case studies that bored me to tears and didn't inspire me to take any kind of productive action towards hiring the expert.

Does this mean that you should drop everything you're doing and focus on documenting case studies?

Maybe...maybe not.

Only you can decide on how quickly you should implement case studies into your marketing campaigns.

I don't know about you, but I'm going back through my testimonials and seeing which ones are the best candidates for becoming positioning tools to help me close more deals.

See you at the top,

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    Good advice Chris and the importance of case studies can increase dramatically based on niche and pricing.

    You should also format your case studies according to what your niche is accustomed to. For example my case studies for a roofing company would look very different than case studies for Dentists or Lawyers and it is also fair to say they would even change within a niche based on the type of client so for example a national roofing company with a board of decision makers would expect something different than a small two man show.
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    Just wanted to bump this thread because I I feel like it is so valuable to the offline community here.

    I really do believe that when you get your very first offline client, create a case study right away of what you have done for them.

    I did this for a company I did personal web design for. I took their past and current website, and used it as the one case study of what I did for the client. It brought more clients for me who needed more web design done.

    Of course ,if you were offering SEO, you could show the results of your one client. This is all about business and growing your brand to show future clients of what you're capable of offering to them.
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      1. What did you print your case studios onto? Was it just a simple word document in a binder or did you do something more elaborate?
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    Thanks Chris for sharing this. I tried to Google Jason Hornung and didn't find much about him. Do you have a link to his landing page?
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    How would you get these to the customer? Testimonials, Presentations? Webinars?
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    Good stuff Chris...

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