What are the Best industries to target for high end web design?

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What are the best clients to target for high end web design and development?
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  • If you go through the search function and you type in "high paying clients", you'll find a list of all the clients worth offering your web design service to that would give you big money.

    High paying clients that are prepared to give you big money is the way to having few clients but more money. Of course, perfect your approaching system by landing low paying clients before you venture out to higher paying businesses.
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    B2B is great place for high end design.

    The question is -- can you deliver high end value? An honest question. So many want to make the 4 or 5 figure sale, but only give 3 figure value.
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    small business owners specifically in the IT field would be a good start many are not actually tech savy themselves which is part of the reason why many senior level IT staff are highly paid (personal experience).
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      Any Business that works in the Oil and Gas Industry (very low maintenance)
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