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I have a Chiropractor client that has their actual phone number....but they also have a 2nd phone number that is used for tracking where calls come from.

From a Citation Strategy to help this client rank higher on search results, is it better to use the real phone number or the tracking phone number.

We could use the tracking phone number on everything if needed. Thanks Warriors !!!
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    I was told that it's best to use the same number and address for everything listed in any directory for Ranking purposes. I think the site Universal Business Listing | List, Manage, Grow. Will tell you how inconsistent listings effects ranking
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    I do a ton of this for chiro/dentist etc...

    As far as Google places and all the citations leading to it is best to make sure you are 100% consistent across the board.
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    Even though we can control some of the directories and use the tracking number there. I will bet that any other Citations out there will have their original number before someone got them a phone number with tracking code.
    Makes sense, I just LOVE the call tracking feature.....

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    Never build citations with a tracking number unless it is another site independent from the original site and listing.

    You can generate images with the tracking phone number on the website but for ranking locally, it is a definite no no.
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      My understanding is do not use a call tracking number as these are recycled numbers and eventually Google will find this. It is better to use the actual business number.
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    I also think Google keeps a record of how many people are dialing that number listed on Google places and maps when you are on your cell phone because they typically will ask afterwards if it's the correct number.

    Yelp they will share the data with you pertaining to how many people called you from their mobile app call button which is free.
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    • James really need to use the main local number on the Google Local page.

      Tons of citations are likely out there on all kinds of sites that are not easy to change or often times are impossible.

      Plus for location trust Google is even looking at official documents like business and Dr licenses, office space rental or deed, you name it!

      Do a G search using main phone like this:
      "Practice Name" "(555) 222-3333"
      and "Dr Name" "(555) 222-3333"

      If it's a mature practice you will see THOUSANDs of matches.

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