The Truth About Offline Consulting: It's Software Sales

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Everything in the offline space = software.

When I was drafting this it was more than 3 pages long so I had to figure out how to get my point across in a short post but be informative and helpful at the same time.

I write this in hopes of giving some people a road map they can follow on techniques that are field tested, actually work and not full of hype.

I'm concerned that there are so called online gurus selling material on how to market to local business owners offline but have never been in the trenches learning how to make a living in this wonderful professional called...Sales!

There are a lot of different opinions on the forum about what works in offline are my tips for selling application software to local business owners. In particular, software sales (application software).

So hopefully this helps......

Software vs Hardware

The distinction between software and hardware is sometimes confusing because they are so integrally linked. Clearly, when you purchase a program, you are buying software. But to buy the software, you need to buy the disk (hardware) on which the software is recorded.
Click here for more info What is software? Webopedia

Facebook marketing, video marketing, mobile marketing and wordpress, etc., = application software.

Learn how to sell software and you will get results as an offline consultant.

Many people are trying to sell software but don't know it, so as a result, struggle at software sales in particular in addition to professional sales in general.

Whether it's web design, mobile marketing, video marketing, facebook marketing, wordpress, etc. it's SOFTWARE.....application software.
An application is a program, or group of programs, that is designed for the end user.

The key to selling software successfully is taking the "intangible" (an abstract quality or attribute) and making it "tangible" (capable of being appraised at an actual or approximate value).

Example of intangibles that are all too common:

"My product does blah, blah, blah, you need this because yadda, yadda, yadda and you can save money bloop de bloop de bloop...."

Here's the deal folks! Local business owners need offline consultants to educate them. I'm amazed at how so many business owners and others know so little about online marketing.

However, they are not going to make a decision and move forward if they don't understand how they benefit.

What this means is you must ask lots of questions, talk to people and forget one call closing techniques and not doing your homework.

Poor sales techniques will lead to indecision on the part of the business owners and others that can benefit.

So you ask, "How do I go from the intangible to the tangible"?

Here is the best example I've seen online on how to go from the "intangible" to the "tangible" to sell software/IT services.

Click here:

Go to slides 13 - 18. Complete the activities based on whatever software you are selling. It's going to take some thought and some research (homework) but don't get frustrated.

Complete these steps and you will be on your way to becoming a top tier software sales professional.

Most of your competitors simply won't take the time to do this exercise.

You will be able to explain the benefits of your product/service in a practical way that your prospects/customers will understand and appreciate.

Now create your presentation, flyers and scripts based on these results.
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    Alex, it needs to be bought to readers attention about what consulting is,
    not the label put on people to make themselves feel good about their profession.

    Consulting is when a person/company is paid for their knowledge.

    Yes ones knowledge is so good that people will and do pay for it.

    Not give out out in the hope of the information will lead to
    the sales of product or service that assists in the implementation
    of the recommendation.

    Some how the business world has been infested by people given the title,
    consultant, because it's cheaper to give it than a pay rise.

    Then it's been used in the naming of a sales methodology..

    Would a company pay to listen to what's been delivered
    in that situation?

    That's the true test of what a consultant does and gets paid for.

    Seems there needs to be a strong force to go up against
    this widely held misconception what a consultant really is..

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      First, thanks for the great share. really informative and got your point across clearly. I have in the past struggled with the education portion of the process of selling online product / services to offline minded folks. I totally get what you are saying and respect your position and thought process.

      I will tell you I personally have gone the other direction and speak in terms of Hardware. More specifically I will use the term Real Estate. I don't sell websites, I sell second store locations. I don't sell Social Media, I sell coffee shops where the point of discussion of the patrons is about their 2nd location. I don't sell banner ads I sell billboards.

      Anywhere that I can make that offline world analogy, that is the direction I go for. Again for me the simple analogies break down the resistance in learning anything NEW, and open up the possibilities for expansion and growth. Opening a store that no longer has geographical limitations. A store that is open 24/7. Having community centers ( Social Media ) that are dedicated to the products that they carry, and the product knowledge they have gained over the years ( Community Centers are a big part of WV life )

      It comes down to speaking in terms and language your prospect will understand. Regardless of the product or service you are offering, if you can not match the level your prospect is speaking on, and able to understand; be it on a technical level, or dumbing it down, you are wasting your time and the prospects time.

      Understanding where that prospect is, in terms of knowledge of what you are selling is in itself a avenue of pre-qualifying. Once you have established the language level, you can then pre-qualify the tipping point ( Damn You Ewen! ) If the tipping point has been met, then you can try and close, if it has not been met, then you start in with the soft sell to get them there.

      Its a dance.. you can be sleek and sexy like the Tango, or as rough and crazy as the Jitter Bug. but if either party is not in step with the music. You are getting the tap on the shoulder and you are out of the dance-a-thon.
      Success is an ACT not an idea
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        Originally Posted by savidge4 View Post

        It comes down to speaking in terms and language your prospect will understand. Regardless of the product or service you are offering, if you can not match the level your prospect is speaking on, and able to understand; be it on a technical level, or dumbing it down, you are wasting your time and the prospects time.
        Understanding and applying that ... is what makes people wealthy.

        Teaching your reps to do it - I mean REALLY teaching them -

        Eventually, you look more like this ...


        Selling Ain't for Sissies!
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          Bamm!!!.....there it is.
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        Re: Savidge4

        Thanks for your response....
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    • Profile picture of the author AlexTee
      Hi Ewen,

      Thanks for your response.

      I've read over it several times but I'm not sure/clear on what your point is?

      Are you saying consulting can't be part of a sales methodology?

      Looking forward to your response.....

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