"Some of the best consultants often go out of business. Here's why..."

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It's a sad fact that some of the best consultants that I've
known over the past ten years have gone out of business.

Some wanted something different from life. A few retired
and now volunteer at Score and chambers, but some just
gave up and walked away.

Now that begs the question, "If they were really that good
why would they just walk away and give up?"

The worst part is that many times these consultants that
gave up were responsible for massive gains in their
client's businesses.

So, why then did they go out of business?

Here's why...

1. Somehow they forgot along the way to continue to do
daily actions that lead to having sales conversations
with prospects.

But it was deeper than just not doing the daily actions.

They were completely dependent on the manual prospecting
so as soon as they got a few deals, they stopped doing the
things that go them the deals in the first place.

Then they mistimed their prospecting push and hit a cash
crunch that they couldn't financially weather or mentally
overcome, then they lost faith in themselves and quit.

Morale of the story: Stay with your daily money-making activities.

If you do nothing else today, do the money-making activities.

Every. Single. Day.

2. Even if they were having enrollment/strategy sessions/sales
conversations with prospects, they couldn't persuasively
demonstrate their value in a way that led to prospects
hiring them.

See, if you are doing two, three or four daily actions that
get you in front of two or three prospects a week and
you're not getting deals, your value proposition is not
coming across clearly.

So, how do you persuasively demonstrate your value
to a client in a way that results in them hiring you?

There are three steps I've found that make it clear that
I can help a business owner get to their next level:

Step #1: When we meet or talk by phone, the bulk of
our initial time is spent focusing on defining, articulating
and pin pointing their marketing-related problems.

After spending the bulk of my time doing pain location,
I'm crystal clear on how any number of services can
solve those problems.

My number one goal then becomes to relate every
effective strategy to addressing one or more of their
pain points.

Step #2: Package any service or strategy I'm presenting
to them as a proven way get them more leads/customers/
patients fast.

The only reason the business owner is meeting with me
is because he is responding to a "fix my marketing"
offer in some form.

Don't be naive.

Getting them more leads/customers/patients is why you,
the marketing consultant, are sitting in that seat.

Step #3: State my ability to get them better/higher/more
profitable conversions quickly on existing things
they're doing.

It makes a business owner feel so good to know that
you can improve on what he's doing and get him a quick
influx of cash, leads or customers.

Plus, it's the quickest way to get results in most cases.

So, if your "offer to help" was...

1. Focused on positioning your service solution on solving
their exact marketing problems...

2. By getting them more leads/customers/patients fast...

3. And getting them better more profitable conversions
quickly on existing things they're doing...

4. And combined with daily money-making activities to
consistently be having these type of enrollment conversations
with business owners each and every week...

You can finally create a consulting practice that can
sustain you for as long as you want to be a marketing

See you at the top,

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    Your posts are great! Thanks.

    Follow Along: My Social Media Funnel
    Your feedback is appreciated!

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    Nice post and very true.

    Another reason I have seen many go out of business and I try to teach this to those starting out is this.

    You have a RESPONSIBILITY to charge enough for your services to stay in business!

    What good is it to compete on price only to go under a few years later and leave your clients in the cold. A broke and suffering service provider is NOT a great, creative go-to service provider. You can help others best when you too are successful.
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    So true, Chris!

    It's not just consultants. It's any business. I see so many of them do a little marketing... they start getting a flood of customers... business stops marketing... customers stop coming in... "Out-of-Business" sign goes up on door.

    David Hunter | Duke of Marketing

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      I know of a guy who trains biz owners who's scaling back
      while he's at the top of his game...for another reason.

      It was on a Wednesday when I was in his office and he told me had already got $55,000
      in the bank from the training business for that week.

      However his other 2 businesses were either making more each, or had more
      potential for massive growth beyond his training biz.

      It just made more sense.

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