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I have a dear cousin, who is a psychotherapist. She's just had to moved to New Zealand after having a business in Australia. She's having to start again building her business. As with a lot of small businesses, she believed if you had a website, the people will come, and I had to gently tell her that it wasn't quite like that.

So far we have optimized her site, researched local keywords, are on page 14 for keywords, backlinking, she's getting a google places listing done, have set up google adwords at a $1.00 or less per click (Only found 20 keywords, most of them she doesn't work with or were too expensive like $14 per click) we've set up facebook and are in the process having a couple of cheap campaigns, we've set up google plus.

I've learned a lot on the internet and I'm no stranger to a lot of ways but I just don't know what to do to get clients. Offline or online and she's done some offline. How can she nab a client or two. What would you suggest please?

Thanks for all your answers in advance. Anything and everything helps. Thank you xx
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    Could she partner with some local churches and offer counseling through them? People there are often seeking help.

    Maybe do some sort of local radio call in show?

    Volunteer at some local schools with some free counseling to build a base of people that come to know her?

    You have to go where people are looking for help, not just the worldwide web or even blanketing an area with mailers.

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      Originally Posted by umc View Post

      Could she partner with some local churches and offer counseling through them? People there are often seeking help.
      I agree. Joint ventures. If she's already had a successful business, then we already know that her service is desirable. The most expensive business activity is generating new customers - Unless you get other people to send you customers!

      She can simply offer free consultations through people who are in contact with her target market. One of the greatest skills that she can learn (if she doesn't already have it) is consultative selling. If she knows how to sell through free sessions, then the more freebies she gives out, the better.

      Joint Venture partners include:

      * Churches (as mentioned)
      * Personal trainers and nutritionists (weight gain is often connected to emotional issues)
      * Personal injury lawyers (For victims of traumatic accidents)

      There are loads, if you get creative.

      Also... She needs to do something to build credibility. Writing a book, and sticking it on amazon, or on her website could help her to do this.

      If she's not already building herself an email list, then this is something that she could do. A monthly newsletter could help her to bring people in, and get referrals.
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    Oh my god. Thank you so much. Yes she's doing volunteer and she has partnered with some doctors and things. But there is plenty of suggestions that would definitely work. I've actually asked her to do what she done in Australia. So thank you for your suggestions so far.
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      Good morning Nicola, fellow Aucklander here.

      To be relevant and valued, therefore people will pay money for,
      She needs to a a group of people how to solve a problem.
      Best way to do this is offer a free session, then enroll to paid

      Example of problem:

      Troubled Teen Remedy For Parents

      Free 5 Steps To Stop Your Child's
      Destructive Behaviour

      See how it describes a real problem and the fix for it?

      Should be a starter to head you and friend in right way.

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    Another idea would be to run some support groups for whatever issue may be near and dear to her heart. She could find a following and help lots of people there. I'm sure that she probably has some sort of special interests, so looking wherever people struggle with that issue and networking will help too. It may be that other therapists would refer certain types of work to her.

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    Thank you so much. I can see now she is doing some of this. But there are a few gems I can pass onto her. It's given me an idea. Thank you x
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    I've told her I'm getting advice here, and you've all come up trumps. I've got a lot of ideas and I can't wait till she sees them. It's going to rock. Thank you x
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    I would see if there are any community/news sites that she can do a monthly column for. The best option would be if it was an actually newspaper that would publish them in print and online.

    Also, since she has a site, encourage her to regularly post articles on it. Be involved in social media. Connect with local community leaders. In my area, there is a lot of online interaction between local business owners.

    I have a couple of friends who I think are great examples of building a following and a business.

    One is a professional organizer. Some people might wonder, "Do I really need to pay someone to organize my stuff." She has been very, VERY consistent about writing a monthly tip article. She sends it to newspapers and online publications, to her mailing list, and publishes it on her own site.

    Every month without fail.

    She gains recognition and authority through that publication. Not only to potential clients, but she was also on a local episode of Hoarders. The producers contacted her because she has her name out there and demonstrates expertise in her field.

    I have another friend who has a very successful site and has been blogging since 1995 (yes, I know the term wasn't even coined then, but what blogging is she's been doing for that long.)

    So far, she's had two books published (publishers contacted her, not self published) and has been on a show in her niche as well as local talk shows.

    The common factor for both of them is that they are extremely consistent. They don't set out to do big splashes, they are just consistent in their strategy. The publicity splashes come to them because of their consistency.
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    the problem is that you're on page 14 for keywords.. you need to be rank #1-3, which is on top of page 1... so just focus on that
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      Analyze her previous business, what type of clients did she have, which ones she liked the most, what did they have in common? What kind of problems they had? Which of those problems she wants to be solving? Does she still want the same kind of client?

      Once she's figured out what clients she liked, what type she wants now, it will be easier to figure out how to get them, where to look for them.
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        If you wouldn't mind sharing the website address with me either here on the forum, or in a PM I can see what I can do with suggestions to getting you off of page 14.

        It simply is understanding what the difference between positions 1 thru 5 are doing that you are not, and making those changes!
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