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I am currently working with a kitchen cabinet maker. I just got permission from a client to put up a sign in their front yard. I told them that it would be used in conjunction with a postcard mailing in their neighborhood.

The concept
1 place the bandit sign.
- say something like Kitchen upgraded by DLC Cabinets and contact phone number

2 use the EDDM program to save money on postage and target the carrier route for her neighborhood.

the postcard
I was thinking of putting a pic of the yard sign and of course a beautiful kitchen. Then something like "guess who just remodeled their kitchen.Look for the yard sign"

call to action ?? free estimates ...something about envy of the neighbors new kitchen??

Any help would be appreciated

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    I would say go with the sign in the yard. ( be sure to check local laws, you may only be able to have it placed for so many days ) but no need to mention it in the card. I use this very same technique with Satellite Installs. I hit 150 homes right around a home that I just installed at. Generally get a 1% return on it.
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    EDDM is worth a try, but I'm always amazed at the number of local service people I see visiting homes who I think miss a huge opportunity but not at least leaving a door hanger on the 4-5 closest homes when they're at a clients home. Maybe it takes a minute to walk to each home and coupled with a sign in the front yard like you mentioned, I think that alone could start bringing in more business.

    While I don't know anything about the cabinet industry, I personally think the "free estimate" thing is not a great call to action since everyone seems to do it and I would come to expect that from anyone I called out to my house.

    Why not produce a short free guide you can give away and use to get prospects on a mailing list? Something like "Top 5 Mistakes Homeowners Make When Choosing a Kitchen Remodeling Contractor" or you can be more dramatic with "Choosing the wrong Kitchen Remodeling Contractor can cost you thousands of dollars - get our free guide to learn how to choose the best contractor for you"

    I'm pretty sure I've seen PLR for that niche on the forum here that you could grab for just a few bucks ;-)
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    The yard sign sounds good, but im sure they will not leave it forever.. atleast until the local elections come around
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      Say your guys redo the kitchen at 17 Main Street. When it's done, using some photos of the before and after, make a flyer/postcard and have someone drop one at every house on the same block, every house/condo one block over to the left, right, one block behind, one block in front.

      If money permits, go a couple of blocks.

      The copy would be something along, your neighbor at 17 Main street used to have this kitchen. Now he has this one.
      Your neighbor at 17 Main has a better kitchen then you. But it doesn't have to be that way. If you call us by x date and do a gut kitchen rehave, we'll sweeten the deal for you, we'll give you the lazy susan and a Moen fuacet for free.

      The neighbor at 17 Main should be asked first.
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