How To 10X Your Business Effectiveness

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How To 10X Your Business Effectiveness

These 2 sets of *letters can transform your business and life...


What I'm about to describe here is like a Users Manual for your brain.

This is so important because bad thinking and decision making costs you so much.

You can observe those that waste their lives through bad decisions they made.

Then you can observe those that make very few mistakes.

What is the difference between these two groups of people?

Let's go to Jack Welch and what he did at GE and Larry Page of Google.

Both have adopted a 10X principle.

The 10X principle states that you 10 times what you choose is important to focus on.

And to help arrive at what's important to focus on requires
CVOS *BVOS thinking.

CVOS *stands for the current view of the situation and BVOS stand for
the better view of the situation.

They understand the*BVOS is 10 times more valuable than their existing viewpoint. Hence they keep asking themselves, ask others and go looking for a better way of doing things.

This takes an open mind.

Many aren't equipped to have it as their ego wants reinforcement to their existing beliefs.

Only they can change.

We can't do it for them.

Here's an example on how to 10X your effectiveness by using*CVOS *BVOS...

When *looking at a course of action, think what the outcome would look like when it's grown 10X in size.

Are the associated changes needed to cope with it match your present skillset? Is this creating freedom or a trap?

Is it turning into a business model in which the rewards don't justify the battle?

For many people this scenario happens in their business.

Had they fast forward it in their mind at 10 times the size, then they
would of seen the problem staring back at them.

Take the better view of the situation*
thinking starting from small decisions and applying it to bigger ones.

Works particularly well when thinking about a client's business too*or even if you want to take on a new one.

Being part of a mastermind group who's members understand 10X and *CVOS *BVOS aid in seeing a better view of any situation.

A paid consultant can assist in uncovering one's blind spots.
However by living the*CVOS *BVOS principle, you'll go a long way
without the need for outside help.

*I used it when I explored the idea of writing a book on ad writing.
I imagined if being a success and people approaching me to write ads for them or consulting them on the subject.

I didn't want that outcome where I had to start all over again on each project for a one time fee. A better point of view is where I do the job once and clients continue to re-order.*

Did I know how a business model that has a one time set up process and clients continue to re-order the same product?*

No. Not at the time.

Knowing what you don't want can be just as important as to what you do want for your mental health.

There you go, a little User Manual to your brain to make better decisions which lead to creating a far more rewarding business and life.

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  • Knowing what you don't want can be just as important as to what you do want for your mental health.

    great line!

    I wonder if it reminds you of the adage - what moves the financial markets =
    Fear AND Greed - not Either/Or

    like you said it takes an "open mind"

    have a great weekend, Ewen!
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    Great post and solid advice.

    I can recall on many occasions having discussions with potential clients that contacted me wanting to grow their business.

    Invariably I get into discussions on scalability and their back end especially when it is a large deal that involves a piece of the action.

    I am always careful to learn about the interpersonal relationships and all the players involved in growing the business. Sometimes the people that can have a major impact are not even that obvious. The business owner is always a bit surprised that I dig so deep but I have learned from experience that there may be someone critical involved (wife, kids, partner, parent) that has already mentally run the scenario on what 10x the business would mean and they don't want it.

    Sometimes my asking the questions about "how would this affect your personal life" or "have you considered what this will mean for you personally if we grow your business" causes them to realize that maybe that is not what they want. Sometimes it simply leads to find solutions and putting in systems to overcome the perceived obstacles before they even happen.

    I do this because I have seen plans to grow a business get sabotaged (sometimes not even on a conscious level) or relationships blow up because someone had figured out half way through the process what that growth would bring and they were not on board.

    So yes it is absolutely as important to know what you or they do NOT want!
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      Originally Posted by plessard View Post

      So yes it is absolutely as important to know what you or they do NOT want!
      We haven't been taught on how to make good decisions.

      By taking a look into the future as to what it would be like
      to get what you think you want, actually ends up being
      not what one wants.

      If every decision is filtered through what the future would look like
      as a result of the decision, then we all would save us the damage
      these bad decisions lead to.

      Ego and emotion often get in the way of that process though.

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        I think anyone just starting ANYTHING should read and understand this. I have used 10x many times in my career sometimes successfully others well not so much. Or better yet, I didn't realize at the time it as something that I didn't want, but it looked real good on paper at the time.

        Starting out people are looking to do something part time, so they are not jumping into the sharky waters right off the bat. Making $10,000 the first year or 2 is a great goal. Moving that to the next level... 10xing to 100,000 a year. Now you are starting to feel comfortable with transporting your life to a self sufficient live style.. maybe youll quit your 9-5 at this stage.

        10xing $100,000 a year is HUGE... it took me YEARS to get this right. learning mid way through that this was not a path I wanted. Regrouping and trying another and another and another path. It did finally come, and it turns out to be somewhere close to my first try, just a far better understanding of the process with the added time for experience.

        I have recently started the next jump. What I am finding interesting in the process.. what may have gotten you from one level to the next may not work to get you to the next higher level. The process of rethinking the scalability of what you are doing, and how you can do it better often offers interesting turns in your thinking!

        Don't be afraid of change! When it comes to growth Change is your friend. If what you were doing was going to get you where you want to go, it already would have! Wanting the potential for growth and seeing that change is needed to get there, and then implementing the change is HUGE. That is how you move forward.
        Success is an ACT not an idea
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    Good stuff. I first heard about this kind of thinking from a guy named Michael Hewitt-Gleason--he called it CVS2BVS or something. He worked for a few years with another author named Edward de Bono, who has a book called "Six Thinking Hats," which can help you think through different ways to improve your business. Sometimes we get caught up in the day-to-day, and forget to take a step back and think about how we might improve in big leaps.
    Marketing is not a battle of products. It is a battle of perceptions.
    - Jack Trout
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    Don't even think about scaling until you're sure your current system works. Everybody wants growth but don't grow a BAD system. that's just more badness. LOL. Develop a successful process or model and then and only then should you think SCALE.
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