How You Can Make Money With Craigslist and Pawn Shops

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Hey everyone!

Just the other day, I discovered a way that you can find a bunch of hidden cash on Craigslist, and I would like to share my method on how I made a profit of $85 in just 1 hour.

Last week, I was sitting, pondering on how I could find a way to make some fast cash. For some reason, I went to Craigslist, and started looking in the Electronics section of my local area. I noticed that someone had a Flip Video camera for sale and it was only for $30.

I thought to myself that was an awfully low price to sell a video camera for, and that this person must be desperate to get rid of it, and get some cash. So I decided to go to Amazon to look it up. What I found was just baffling. That same exact camera was being sold on Amazon for $274 in brand new condition. This camera had a little scuff on it from the pictures, but it was in like new condition.

I contacted the seller, went and checked it out, and ended up buying it only for $30. Then, I went to a local pawn shop to sell it, not take a loan out. LOL. I explained to them that the video camera was in like new condition, besides the scuff, and that it is $274 in brand new condition on Amazon. We ended up settling at a price of $115 for the camera, and that was cash. I knew I had to take a loss on it, because after all, they are a business and they still need to make money from it.

This was too easy! I made an $85 profit simply because I found a lazy person on Craigslist, who just wanted quick money, and didn't go the extra mile to actually research her product before she put it up for sale.

Not saying this to brag, just want you guys to see what's possible, and that there is still a gold mine in Craigslist! :-)

Feel free to PM me with any questions that you have about this method, and I hope you go out and try this and make some quick money.

To YOUR Profits,

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    I hate to burst your bubble, but you only made $75 ( $105 - $30 = $75 ) Then depending on the drive that you had to make to A get the product and B sell the product. probably puts you in the $65 range give or take. NOT that this is a bad thing.... not at all. Good for you!
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    Yeah sorry about that guys. Messed up the math a little bit there. Should have previewed that! Just changed it.

    Also, the person I bought the video camera from was local, only a 5 minute drive, then another 5 minutes to the pawn shop, so not too much! Anything over a 10 minute drive I wouldn't consider, because the focus is to be local.

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    Actually this idea works. I have heard from other people as well how they make money selling or buying from ebay and amazon.
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    This is a great spin on that arbitrage model called DS Domination where they flip items between eBay and Amazon. Less competition with this business model though even though you're not commanding retail prices on the flip side. Probably more immediate cash flow though.
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    That's a cool experience Josh. It's amazing how you can use the arbitrage method in so many different ways. This was a perfect example.
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    Cool idea, I rather make that without leaving my comfortable little chair
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    it can be done, but good items at low costs are not always for sale on craigslist. I am surprised the pawnshop offered you so much. my experience with pawnshops is they try to nickel and dime you down on their offer.
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