Marketing and Promoting to bars and clubs?

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I work for a business and have decided to target bars and night clubs for a marketing campaign which could be very lucrative.

The idea itself is one I think will really appeal to bars and clubs, its just I'm not sure how to go about contacting the places themselves.

I'm pretty confident that if I could explain the idea or if they could read the website page where it is written that conversions would be really high, I'm just not sure how to get in front of them?

Any ideas or links would be greatly appreciated.

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    Start small. Contact the owners of the closest clubs and bars, ideally those who knows who you are, the ones where you go as a client and pitch them the idea.

    Offer them a good deal in exchange for a the first "yes". Be very concise and when LISTEN very carefully their objections. This is an exercise for you to tap into the feasibility of your idea.

    When you have perfected it and got a couple of early clients, then you can start approaching the rest of the clubs with a fine tuned pitch and using the names of your first clients as reference for the idea.

    Let us know how you do and good luck !
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    I work right in that industry as a nightlife marketing consultant .
    PM me

    Nightclub + Bar Marketing Expert. Author.
    Producing Live Events, Digital Creative Agency to Nightclubs, Marketing Consultant to Nightlife Industry. (

    TV Host: Interviewed Lady Gaga, Tommy Lee, Richard Branson, Deadmau5, and more.

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      I worked this industry for many years in Myrtle Beach SC. The best way to get in touch with the person you need to speak with is to go right when they open. Figure out who you need to speak too and set a day time appointment.

      If you really really want to impress a club owner. Figure a way to use their facility during the day. Your basic club is only open 6 hours a day... so to give them business within the other 18 hours in the day is ground breaking!
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