Beware how Email blasts to customer lists are costing business a fortune in hidden costs.

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Have you ever been involved in direct mail where you write copy, stuff envelopes, and actually pay for delivery? If your answer is yes you understand the stress that comes with crafting the message and the associated costs.

BUT now there is a much bigger problem.
There is a huge myth that communicating with customers has little or no cost by email or newsletter.

This single myth is probably costing real businesses more money every month than any other marketing myth I can think of.

Real businesses spend blood, sweat and tears building their customer base.
Takes them years to matter to their customers.
Then along comes some internet technician (NOT marketer) that says:

"Hey Bub get with the times, lets send out a newsletter on a regular basis its basically free."

Free? Awesome!
So how much do most business owners or technicians worry about the quality or effect of the message when delivery is free?
Not much!
Suddenly useless pre-canned, pre-scheduled CRAP starts going out.

Then its time to pay the piper.
All those years, all that money spent building that client base and trust and with some clicks of a button you have completely lost customer interest.

There is not much that can cost a business more than losing customer interest.
Given the choice it would be WAY cheaper to pay for stamps!
At least if you have to pay for it every time you send it out you are likely not to send out a constant stream of crap.
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    Too many businesses have focused the past several years, solely on cutting costs, instead of focusing on delivering more value. The moment that focus on delivering more value disappears, your competition looks much more attractive to your customers.


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    Email marketing is great for increasing traffic to blog / web. But I am not sure it can increase sales.
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      Originally Posted by aliridho790 View Post

      Email marketing is great for increasing traffic to blog / web. But I am not sure it can increase sales.
      Ever heard / read the phrase "The money is in the list?" YES.. you can without question increase sales with a newsletter or other type of email.
      Success is an ACT not an idea
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