Finding out a companies Adwords spend?

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Is there any software or tools available to find out a companies monthly spend on adwords?

Or is there a general way to ball park it and find out generally how much they're spending? Ex: Avg cpc. in their niche is $15.00 and they're appearing in top spot for just about every keyword?

If anyone has had success with figuring this out I'd love to hear any feedback.
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    Go to and click on Leads tab.

    On the left side you'll see the filters of ad spend
    you wish to apply.

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    There is a MUCH deeper issue here.
    I see tons of businesses trying to figure out what a competitor is spending on adwords.

    I can tell you from experience that even if they knew the exact answer it would not matter.
    They would just say well "I can't afford" that or "I don't know how they can do that".

    When you see a company that can always be at the top for ppc search and they are obviously spending tons of money and they do it for a long time you MUST ask yourself and find out what is it about their system that allows them to spend so much and still be profitable.

    It will be their copy, their conversion to lead, their follow up, their ability to close, their understanding of the true lifetime value of a client, their understanding of the value of referrals etc.. that allows them to outspend their competitors.
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