How to market a local pet finder business?

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My family is launching a local pet finder service in a busy metropolitan area. We created the website many months ago and distributed flyers at pet-related businesses.

What are other ways we can market online and offline?

We are thinking of facebook ads but haven't tried that yet because, to be honest, we don't know how to start.

I've searched the forum and not really sure this is suitable for a direct mail campaign.

JV with another business who services pets is another one of our ideas.

We'd love to hear your advice, thanks.
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    What is a pet finder service?
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    Is this a lost pet finder or a site for people to find specific pets they'd be interested in?

    Direct mail would definitely work if this is a lost pet finder. You can easily get a list of pet owners you could market to.

    Team up with any vets?

    What kind of offers are you making?

    David Hunter | Duke of Marketing

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    Our service is to help people find their lost/missing pet. Being a dog owner most of my adult life, I know how crazy pet owners can be. They are our fur babies and we would go to almost any length to find our pet if he is lost.

    And, yes, direct mail is a component of our service, utilizing EDDM.
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    It doesn't really matter which business niche/sector your business is in... Marketing a local business (brick & mortar) is somewhat different to marketing a purely online business.

    I've posted a link below to a Webinar you may find very useful (it's FREE, but a little long). The webinar goes into details about marketing local businesses.

    Local SEO Best Practices [VIDEO WEBINAR] - Portent, Inc.
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    Are you using EDDM to try and get new business? Or, do you use it when a pet is lost and you're sending out a mass mailing... or both?

    Yep, my doggy is my fur baby. :-)

    David Hunter | Duke of Marketing

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