My 1000th Post The Importance Of Branding in Todays Marketplace

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Very few business' have a properly developed brand for today’s digital marketplace. 75% of the product / service launched every year fail. the equates to 600,000+ small businesses FAILING every year in the US alone.

Without a defined brand, you are simply a worker. You will have to negotiate more, and earn much less than you deserve. Today it's about the digital generation, and you better understand how it works and get very good at it, or you may become part 600,000.

In this generation, if you do not have a well crafted "digitally" executed brand, you run the risk of Consumers / Prospects believing your brand is irrelevant.

This is why you have to embrace the velocity of the "digital" change, when it comes to developing and marketing your brand. If you have a properly developed brand, you can greatly advance and accelerate the market position of your brand.

Digital consumers demand real and credible engagement along with rich interactive content the way they want it, when they want it, and how they want it.

It’s not so much about your product or service - It’s more about how you communicate your brand and the interacting with your brand.

The tendency is to do what others do. From the consumers / Prospects perspective, it look like everybody is doing the same thing. Everyone is selling the same thing.
The most important points of brand separation, is HOW you are doing it! It means you must focus on the EXPERIENCE they have with your brand, products and services you sell.

Your brand must be living and breathing. The EXPERIENCE is what must seperate you from your competitors. What creates brand recall? It's a brand that’s relevant, credible, and exceeds the experience promise.

The payoff for brand development is expanded market reach, greater market share, and increased brand loyalty. Even more importantly, your clients will experience a connection to your brand. They will see you as being irreplaceable. They will come back time and again, and refer your services / product to others.

Digital branding I think is as close as it gets to that special silver bullet. A well established brand can transport YOU from a nobody, to a somebody in a thirsty target that you dominate. It’s NO LONGER something for large Corporations it’s a must!

Branding effectively with Prospects / Customers is not about the money you spend, but about how clearly, consistently, and relevantly you can communicate your brand message in everything you do.

In todays market, it is important to get your clients to virally spread the message of your brand. Word of mouth is by far the most effective way to sell your brand, products and services.

There is plenty of research on this stuff.
  • 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations
  • 14% trust advertisements
  • 24% of social media word of mouth leads convert to sales opportunities.

When you are developing your brand you need to understand something. Nothing is out of the scope of "Shared". Every image you have could end up on a social site. Every infographic you create could end up on a social site. Every email you send could be passed around.

The fact is, this is what you want. This is what extends reach. If you are not seeing the value in creating this type of information or at the very least recreating this information, you have missed the same boat that 600,000 other folks have every year.
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    Don't know why I had you down as a John Durham 'don't need a website or any marketing material, just get on the phone and sell' kind of guy.

    That's a great post. As you point out, the level of market sophistication in digital/offline space is not in the same as it is once was. Many people here need to get that. Their piss poor websites, appalling DIY graphic design, poor messaging and poor offerings just aren't enough. Maybe used to be to score a few clients here and there to stay afloat, but not create a successful business.

    There's a killing to be made if you accept the truth of what you've said and do all you can to have you business live up to that reality.

    There's maybe an acceptable living to be made if you don't create a proper brand identity (usp, strong value props, design, educational content) but put in the work. At best. At worst, you'll more likely be like the guy who made 4000 phone calls and got nowhere, i.e, struggling and frustrated.

    It ain't easy and requires you take what you do a serious profession and invest the study and hard-work to get the knowledge needed.

    Great way to cap your 1000th post.
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      Originally Posted by Underground View Post

      Don't know why I had you down as a John Durham 'don't need a website or any marketing material, just get on the phone and sell' kind of guy.

      Nope, very much a Gary Vaynerchuk type. The irony in this is I design sites for a living. I sell Marketing material for a living. I am very much a hands on interaction kind of guy. I would rather knock on a door before I picked up the phone!

      Branding for me is simply a passion of sorts. Out of the 19 web properties that I personally work with, 18 of them are under a single brand, and the 19th one is a joint venture type of thing that I walked into.

      The effort spent on Branding will not pay off tomorrow but a few weeks from now... watch out!
      Success is an ACT not an idea
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    Branding is positioning.

    Positioning leads to commanding higher prices for your work.

    Thanks to platforms like Amazon/Kindle, positioning is easier than it has ever been. You can get a report or book on a specific subject out in front of a large target audience.

    But you don't even need their help. How about the traffic you generate to your own site? Do you have a positioning document to share there?

    Most people never get focused in on who their target customers should be. They get caught in the trap of thinking "everyone" is their customer. When you do that--when you won't screen some people Out--you can't differentiate yourself to prospects. When you can't differentiate yourself, you can't charge higher prices. Selling is tougher.

    Branding literally turns the whole process around for you. Instead of it being a race to the bottom because the customer doesn't know the difference between you and the next person, you hone in on exactly who you can best help. And they are happy to pay you more, because they know you're the right solution for them.

    As I've said before, you need a certain amount of marketing collateral that proves to your higher-value target market you can be trusted with the keys to the kingdom. Otherwise, they'll never let you near it.
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    Thanks for a great post. It amazes me what people are willing to put out there and call a branding strategy. Yes you should have a website, but more importantly you should have a good website. I remember a few years back my boss at the time wanted me to build them a website - I laughed at her and told her to pay someone with experience that actually knew what they were doing. Granted since then she refuses to do any major updates, which it clearly needs, but just goes to show how little most people know about the importance of maintaining their digital brand.

    Automation at its finest -

    Put your mundane and busy work tasks on auto pilot.

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    Congrats on your 1000th post.
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    Great post, now I demand some resources!
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      resources... that would be a hard one. I am one of those goof balls that works way to many hours and has way to many skills. I write most all my own stuff. I do most all my own artwork. I do all of my own social and forum communication.

      A good Branding example I had recently. I have a soccer site. Of course there was WorldCup this summer. WorldCup + Soccer Site + FaceBook = lots of new customers. I was a graphic creating fool for like 4 weeks straight. Before every USA game I would create a graphic with both flags and the time of the game. I targeted every country in our division.

      At the end of each game I would create another graphic targeted to just the apposing country basically saying From one fan to the other. even though we are across the planet this game brought us together... good game.

      To be honest, if it didn't make a single conversion it would not have mattered. To have a single image get shared 14,000 times... that was worth it for me.. it was awesome.

      After the very first game against Ghana I was on facebook for 20 hours straight responding to messages. It only got worse ha ha

      did I mention that every graphic had my web address on it? I got just short of 1 million uniques ( My server crashed 3 times ) during WorldCup, and it has settled to about a fourth that a month since. Sales are up about 130% and my total FaceBook budget? $160.00

      Originally Posted by eldar View Post

      Great post, now I demand some resources!
      Success is an ACT not an idea
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