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So I watched this documentary on TV tonight called "Marijuana in America: The Colorado Pot Rush" and they interviewed several pot dispensary owners who started out as medical marijuana dispensaries, and then when pot became legal in CO they started selling it recreational and became super wealthy almost over night!

Anyway, I live in California and it's a hot debate in my state... legalizing pot. However it IS legal to sell medicinal marijuana in my state. I was just wondering what you guys thought of the idea of starting up a medical marijuana dispensary, in the high hopes that it becomes legal soon and then capitalizing on the recreational sales of pot.

I know a guy who sells medicinal grade marijuana so I already have an expert on it and a possible supplier. I would just need to figure out the legalities and such.

Could this be a possible huge money maker? Might not seem like it AT FIRST, but if pot becomes legal then sales could literally blow up overnight like they did in CO and we could hire people to work at our shop so we could ultimately be fairly "hands off" and let people work for us... making it insanely profitable. Idk what do you guys think?
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    I think it could be a lucrative business, even on the medical level.
    However, you shouldn't base a business on a documentary you saw one night.
    Further more, it is still ILLEGAL on a Federal level.
    While the states may make it legal for medical use or even recreational, it is still illegal to the feds.
    That is not something I would be willing to mess with.
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    A series of memos from the Justice Department has said that arresting individual medical marijuana users is not a priority, and a 2013 memo added that federal prosecutors should not target large commercial operations except on a case-by-case basis. But most observers say that shipping or transporting the drug across state lines ups the ante.

    In May, the House passed a measure blocking money for DEA raids on marijuana dispensaries that are legal under state law.

    And just last week, Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky took it a step further, introducing an amendment to the Jobs Bill that would forbid federal prosecution of doctors and patients whose actions are legal under state medical marijuana laws.

    Source: Federal marijuana bill would legalize low-THC cannabis -
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      You posted this source:

      Source: Federal marijuana bill would legalize low-THC cannabis -

      which is an excellent sources for basic info. The chemical they are talking about, cannabidiol (CBD) has maybe .03% THC if that much. To learn what CBD can do google US Patent 6630507. It will blow your mind. The F****** feds have known for over 15 years the medicinal capabilities of CBD.

      If anyone reads the sourced article, please click on the Charlotte Figi link and then tell me the feds aren't in bed w/ big pharma. Also tell me they ain't the real thugs in this picture.

      Regardless, I have a source for hemphearts which are the husked hemp seeds. I won't go into any great detail other than to say I've been eating them and my digestive tract has taken a turn for the better. I still have some medical problems but not as bad plus I don't need any operations or intrusive surgeries.

      My sig element takes you to our hemp clothing site. We haven't gone into the "food" side of hemp but anybody who emails me or sends me a pm I'll be glad to help you.

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        Originally Posted by sandalwood View Post

        If anyone reads the sourced article, please click on the Charlotte Figi link and then tell me the feds aren't in bed w/ big pharma. Also tell me they ain't the real thugs in this picture.
        I doubt anyone of sound mind and reason, who has done the research, will disagree.

        But in response to the OP, I've thought about it and definitely see the value in such a venture. But do you think the current saturation in the legal states would cause slow growth?
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          I have personally built some sites for guys that are in the medicinal dispensary business in California. When I build a site for a company I tend to get a bit more information then what is needed to complete the job. What I heard over and over was the red tape and the rules and regulations of this business. Just the building requirements kind of reminded me of what I would imagine Fort Knox to be like.

          To say the least it didn't in any way shape or form sound like a business that some happy head would could or should get into. As in there are WEEKLY drug tests for the owners and employees of these facilities.

          You are going to look into this for basically one reason, and that is purely business and nothing else. if you are thinking it would be "cool" then you are more than likely barking up the wrong tree.
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    I'm from Colorado.

    Because of all the regulations and compliance issues, the fact that there is a lot - a lot - of payment by cash, and that there is still a huge market for street purchases, it is not an easy hands off type of business. Think about all the employees and non-employees who want to steal your product and your money.

    Here, you had to be a medical marijuana seller before your could sell recreational. I believe you cannot open a new center that sells recreational, yet.

    When it first started, it was very,very competitive and a lot of people did not make it.

    Frankly, even at this point in its evolution, it is not a pretty business due to the nature of a lot
    of people in the business.

    As mentioned, you are eyed as a criminal by the Federals. Maybe they ignore your pot business, but you're on their radar.

    Banking is another issue. Many banks will not let you have accounts because it is still not legal nationally and they don't want to risk their own compliance issues. There is one large Colorado bank that closed a guys personal bank accounts because he is in the business.

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    Hello everyone,

    So, my business partner and I were revisiting some old projects (test sites), and found that was getting a lot of traffic unbeknownst to us.

    Marijuana Dispensaries

    So in a nutshell, we built a proprietary website platform generator that creates micro sites for every zip etc... click around the site. Please mind the design, we know it's rough, ha.

    Anyway, we have used our platform for many other local service businesses, and just had this one on the back burner.

    The crazy thing is that this was a new domain, we usually buy older (valid PR) domains.

    We are open to ideas, and joint ventures... and if we something works out we can really pump up the link juice.

    I know it's an older thread, so hope to hear from some of you.

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    right now Marijuana is in a taboo relationship between the people of america and politicians and the law enforcement. The war on drugs is actually a war on the people so we are looking at kind of a martin luther king style or alcohol prohibition style push for legalization of the substance. Marijuana has a fascinating history but I think its a far stretch to see the substance being lucrative mainly because Marijuana producers and sellers are going to have to line the pockets of politicians to speak their way. This is how bitcoin is solving the issue currently in congress. While this is unfortunate the reality is money talks. and who you give your money to will ultimately dictate the outcome of this war. and yes it is a war
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