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Has anyone attempted to recreate the classic opt-in page offline? For example, print out and distribute flyers which advertise a landing page enticing sign ups with a free offer.

I would assume action rates would be reasonable since the flyer would simply offer something of value for free, providing it's for the right market, and is split-tested constantly.

Having an email sequence which makes >$100 for the average buy could be nice if you could make a few sales a day.

400 mailed each day
0.5% conversion rate (NOT optin rate)
Around $200 in sales
Cost of about $30

The above is just an example of what COULD happen
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    Not sure where you get those numbers. It would cost you around $30 or less to print out the letters (flyers) only but they you have all the other costs. Cause if you are mailling 400 it would cost around $260 total (lead,printing and stamp).

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    I agree with Josh.

    Your numbers are way least in the US.

    You could print, stamp and mail postcards for about 40 cents each (buying in bulk online and stamping yourself) which would still be around $160.

    You MIGHT be able to convert at .5% if your list was super targeted, but it would have to be a great offer. You've got to remember that you'll need a double conversion basically. First you'll have to convert them from offline to online, then you'll have to make the sale. I'm guessing that most of those folks won't even go online to check out what you've got.

    Could be wrong though. Only one way to know for sure....
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    Your conversion also depends on what you're promoting, and who you're promoting it to. There's a ton of variables, and like others have already mentioned, you're numbers are not realistic. Unless you know of somewhere I can get printing or postage for free?
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    Have you thought about incorporating either a QR Code or Mobile Keyword to your direct mail pieces so there's an immediate call to action and step for the recipient to take.

    By adding something like this, it may spike your overall read/open rates.

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