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I have also asked this in the PPC forum really want to fine tune the website and get as much input as possible ... Thanks in advance for your feedback this forum has some amazing knowledge and skill and its a privilege to tap into that.

So I have found a rather hungry market of small business wanting to get into online advertising and we have been successful, with numerous companies creating well qualified leads and increasing their bottom line.

However strangely have not really created our own lead generation website and adwords campaign and are currently setting this up.

The website is was hoping for some feedback and thoughts on the website

PS. these are local businesses that we will be geo targeting in 2 major South African sittings our major value add is the personal one one one touch and meeting with the client.
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    Hi there

    I’m no expert but these are a few things that immediately hit me.

    The website header/logo area is far too large, it is just not necessary; nobody cares about the name of your business that much that you need to have it take up around 110px height by around 900px width.

    Relating to the above, where is your clear benefit driven headline? Is it that unassuming text that’s a 3rd of the way down the page: “are you getting the leads you need from the internet?”

    I would change that headline to something more impactful and move it right to the top of the page.

    If this is a landing page for a PPC campaign I’d remove the menu options. Do you want people to peruse through pages of your website and forget why they even clicked on your ad, or do you want them to fill out the contact form immediately?

    Regarding the contact form:
    It says “leave your details and someone will contact you shortly”. What is the prospect supposed to be leaving their details for? You have not made it clear the purpose of filling out the contact form. It just looks like you want to harvest data from people with no clear reason why the prospect should leave their details or what they’ll get in return.

    Never use “submit” as text on a submit button. Think of much more benefit driven titles like “get more leads now” or “request consultation” things like that.

    I personally wouldn’t put the contact form on the right hand side of the page if it’s a PPC landing page. I’d always put it on left hand side.

    Please don’t neglect the fact that people read a web page in an “F” shape. It’s proven. The most important info should be on left hand side of the page, not “buried” over on the right hand side.

    Those are the items that immediately hit me. Overall I'd say the page just looks a little confused and it is poorly designed. You don't appear to have any clear defined actions that you want the website visitor to take. I think you're smart enough to make the changes and reap the rewards however.

    Here’s some great guidance on landing pages:
    The Most Entertaining Guide to Landing Page Optimization You'll Ever Read - Moz

    A 50-Point Checklist For Creating The Ultimate Landing Page | Unbounce

    35 Beautiful Landing Page Design Examples to Drool Over [With Critiques] | Unbounce

    Hope that helps
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    Excellent inputs by @Kmalo above. I would also add here that the color scheme can be improved further, does not come across as very professional on first look. Sorry if this sounds rude.
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    Having "Just another Wordpress site' as your site description is not very confidence building.

    Additionally, there's a multitude of typos, instances of poor sentence structure and missing punctuation. If you can't write generic copy at a 5th grade level, no one will hire you for anything.

    Cheers. - Frank

    P.S. Why not make your text black, so people can actually read it? :-)
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      First and for most, that is NOT a landing page that is your homepage. THAT is a fail on many levels. The use of a home page differs greatly from a landing page.

      If you cant read the text, or it is hard to read. why bother?

      as stated before what is more important your logo or getting clients? Need proof your logo is to big?,, just to name a few. ALL of them are in the upper left corner, SMALL and out of the way.

      Your headline... the one I can hardly read... "Are you getting the leads you need from the internet?" CHOP IT.. "ARE YOU GETTING THE LEADS YOU NEED?"

      Kmalo left you a link to the most entertaining guide to landing pages. read it 4x and then maybe read it 1 more time. Once you internalize that information and look at your own page... you will cry.

      If this type of page is currently working for your clients just imagine what will happen when you learn how to do it smarter!
      Success is an ACT not an idea
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      Originally Posted by BigFrank View Post

      Having "Just another Wordpress site' as your site description is not very confidence building.

      That's how it will show you in the search engines you know. Go into your Site Admin. I think the settings is tools . general and change the title.

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      Since you threw this out there.. lets break this down.

      #1 The offer "Free Traffic by clicking here" in a less than round about way matches the offer on the page. On the page you are offering "Secret Tips of online Traffic"

      #2 Your message is far from clear. "Get it totally free" get what? it would appear you are offering a e-book, but reading you want me to sign up for a newsletter... a free newsletter? that's a concept.

      #3 apparently you cut off some text in your page build you state towards the bottom "Here's just some of what I cover..." and then there is a broken bit about building a list.

      #4 #3 leeds to #4 you say "what I will cover" WHO are you?

      #5 If you are going to do a boxed in design like that ensure it doesn't scroll.

      #6 if you are wanting to show social proof... twitter with a ZERO.. its not helping

      #7 There is a gap between the 'Offer' "Secret Tips of Online Traffic" and the product... some newsletter blue print thing.

      You do have 2 things going for you. Your Facebook social proof number looks good. and your CTA stands out.. other than that better can be done.

      And before you spout about getting results.. what 10% maybe? if you worked on your target to close relationship there is no reason that you should not be converting 30% +

      With a twitter count of ZERO... you really are in no place to suggest twitter as a point of traffic by the way.

      Originally Posted by tax1099 View Post

      Have you tried to drive some of the Free Traffic to your site from places like Facebook,twitter,Instagram. Try changing the content. Give something away for free. Check out this free down load on how to get Free Traffic by clicking here
      Success is an ACT not an idea
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    Everything about this page is wrong. It's a joke.

    Go to and go through their stuff, webinars and such. They already have landing pages that have been proven to work over billions of clicks they've tracked for their users.

    This course will help you, alot as well.

    They get up to 60% convertions, or at least 35% conversions just with that 3 step set up.

    You actually have a good service to sell. But if you were creating landing pages like that for clients with your ppc pages, then you're just ripping them off, and causing them to spend their ad budgets with most of it going to waste.

    It's not that hard to get up to speed on landing pages and conversion optimisation. All the work has been done for you by others who have invested millions.

    Don't try and DIY it on the cheap. That's what most warriors do and why their end product is almost always so lame compared to the professional way of doing it.
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    Thanks for all the input guys a tough pill to swallow however eating humble pie and learning more is what life is all about. And you have all taken the time and the effort to answer me which is amazing thank you will be implementing changes based on suggestions given here... For our current clients we do create landing pages and like I say we have done very well for some competitive niches which shows the competition and expertise here in South Africa is highly sub standard and we have a great foot hold to improve and grow ... thank you again hope to come give some feedback soon and cast my website before the scrutiny of the masses.
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      Fair play for taking the criticism in that way and being willing to learn from it.

      I tend to be harsh myself because at least it makes an impact and ensures they at least don't skip over stuff that's important to grasp. Some people fold and get pissy, but certain people take it like a man and make the adjustments necessary.

      Be willing to do so, like you have, will make your business far more successful doing things the right way.

      Here is an alternative to that does a lot of the same things but doesn't require a monthly fee and would be really helpful for what you plan to do with clients. dot com

      Hope it helps.
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