Leaving sales letter if restaurant owner aren't there?

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I'm planning on going door to door to restaurants pitching e-mail marketing to them. In the even that the owner isn't there or that I get a brush off, I was planning on asking politely the name of the owner and a good time to reach them, but as I was leaving I would go "Oh, and can you please give this to him/her" <- the last part is to make a bit of a memorable action.

I'd be handing them either a sealed or unsealed envelop (thoughts) with a sales letter and demo of the service.

Does anyone have any input on leaving materials behind to be handed to the owner and following up to see if they've had a chance to read the letter? Do sales letters work offline?

Any help would be great.


Edit: Coming to the realization that it might be better to just prospect call instead of door-to-door.
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    I do think it would be a better option calling. It would probably save time too. I've never went door to door though, so I don't have much advice to offer.
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    Do a search. Your questions regarding approaching restaurants, have been answered previously.
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