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xu1 30th November 2014 02:40 PM

The Swap Solo Market
Swap Solo Market launched today!

Now you can come to one place to Buy, Sell or Swap Solo ads! Safely
  • Buy Sell Swap Solo Ads from the Chat, Forum , Members Profile or Search Best Click Rates
  • Buy Swap Booking Calendar, Instant alerts and email notifications when an order has been place!
  • Create Swipe, GEO Track Clicks, Rate Members
  • Easy to use interface all features enabled on FREE membership!
  • No Limits and No Fees or commissions on clicks!!!
  • Buy Instant Solos, Swap Instant Solos, Sell Instant Solos!
  • Login with Face Book or Gmail Accounts!
  • FREE to JOIN!!! and start using ASAP!!


There are many people who make a good regular income simply by selling solo ads to others. Buying Selling Swapping Solo ads has been a very lucrative business for many Internet Marketers!!

Build your list from scratch and within a few days you can be making a steady income and watch your list grow daily and your income grow with it!

Join Swapsolomarket.com the solo market place you can start with no subscribers and build up a list like the Gurus!!!

Many internet marketers find that building their list is the most profitable thing they can do for their online marketing business and they do this through solo ads.

Most people find that building their list can be a painful and time-consuming job. Sometimes it can take years and years to build even the smallest list, but the top named internet marketers don't seem to have this problem. They are able to build massive subscriber lists quickly and safely. The problem is they're fond of telling you that it's easy to build a big list, but what they don't tell you is how exactly they are doing it themselves. As I mentioned above, the top internet marketers create and build their huge email lists through solo ads.

Enter Swapsolomarket.com the Solo ad market place where members build their list of subscribers from each other and as new members are created!

Listen carefully! The solo ads business is huge but it has been difficult to get into. If you see other sites around where you can swap buy and sell Solo Ads you will find they require membership fees and they take a cut of every click you sell!

And quiet frankly they tread their paid members like crap because until now no other site has offered any serious competition!!

http://swapsolomarket.com/assets/use...able/logo1.pngNo FEES
http://swapsolomarket.com/assets/use...able/logo1.pngNo Interference!
http://swapsolomarket.com/assets/use...able/logo1.pngNo Limits on how many Solos you can buy or sell on the day! ( yes you know your list better than we do)
http://swapsolomarket.com/assets/use...able/logo1.pngNo Commissions!

Easy to use interface!! FREE Membership Full Features!


Sign up NOW !! Its FREE! start making money TODAY!!!


Terrance01 3rd December 2014 08:01 AM

Re: The Swap Solo Market
Sounds Interesting.

To Your Success,

abbesnwk 3rd December 2014 04:58 PM

Re: The Swap Solo Market
Something like safeswaps.
Competition is always awesome.

Good Luck!

xu1 3rd December 2014 09:10 PM

Re: The Swap Solo Market
Thank you! I'm putting up some tutorials and a section on how to start making money with solo ads within a week and the best kind of offers that gets solo ads opened and clicked!

The site is still being tweaked but every one is welcome to join you can advertise your solo ads to other members on the forum as well as trade in solo ads!

Yes this is a competition to the "other" site!


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